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In the past few weeks a Kansas Congressional candidate - Nancy Boyda of Topeka, has been attacking 2nd District Congressman and Olympic Miler Jim Ryun on his support, participation, or knowledge of the NAFTA SuperHighway.  

This might look like an every day campaign attack - but this time it's different.

Rather than denying his support or claiming Mrs. Boyda doesn't have all the facts, the Congressman is claiming that the project doesn't even exist.

Topeka Capitol Journal Blog has even got in on the action asking Kansans which candidate they believe. So how _do_ you play Chicken with a Congressman??

Boyda began her education to the district on Aug 11th with a press conference complete with charts, graphs, and maps of the proposed SuperHighway that would stretch from Mexico, through Texas and Oklahoma and rest at a new Customs like building in Kansas City.  The SuperHighway other activists in Texas have coined as Bin Laden Boulevard would, as Boyda claims,
"blow a quarter-mile-wide hole in the border Lawrence Journal World... This corridor straight into our heartland will be a gift to terrorists. Lawrence Journal World"

Boyda has gone so far as to post her own political cartoon on her website - alluding that the Congressman is being influenced by various interest groups. What I think this unintentionally alluds to voters is that Rep. Ryun is clearly "out to lunch" on the issue of the SuperHighway:

Download Flier Here

Boyda and Ryan went after each other in a televised debate where Ryun said publicly that the whole story/issue was made up - invented, created by bloggers and internet conspires.

There was indeed an internet article about this issue that you can find over at the WorldNetDaily where Joseph Farah continues to keep tabs on Kansas Politicians who are coming to the aid of Rep. Ryun.

But, the most interesting, in my mind, is a recent editorial in the Topeka Capitol Journal where a gentleman named Ken Miller claims he is the former executive director of North America's Super Corridor Coalition.

Mr. Miller attacks Boyda using the talking points in true form claiming that this whole issue is a rumor - a conspiracy - and that Mrs. Boyda was duped by these silly issues.

"Neither NASCO nor any other public/private organization has the power to decide what transportation improvements are funded. Those decisions are made by the respective state departments of transportation, and are funded in large part by the federal government." Miller said.

This is a rather interesting statement to make.  Given previous statements by Mr. Miller on his college alumni page.  Yes, that's right... we googled Mr. Miller to find out who this guy is.  We meaning my cat and I - it isn't a high tech operation over here in the sooner state.

It seems Mr. Miller went to Indiana University and was a Journalism Major who graduated in 1985.  According to the Indiana Alumni paragraph on Miller located at:

Ken Miller, BA'85, is executive director for North America's Superhighway Coalition Inc. in Kansas City, Mo. NASCO is a not-for-profit grassroots lobbying group that promotes interstates 35, 29 and 94 as the premier routes for North American trade. Since 1999, the coalition has secured more than $20 million in federal funding to improve transportation infrastructure and technology along those highways. Miller also wrote a story titled "North America's Superhighway," published in Transportation and Distribution magazine in January 2001...."

 (ed note:  please let me know if the link disappears for whatever reason... I have screen caps)

I'm young... and I don't really know a lot about this issue but it seems to me that if
"NASCO nor any other public/private organization has the power to decide what transportation improvements are funded"
as Mr. Miller claimed in his letter to the editor - how is it exactly that NASCO has - as a lobbying group - been in the unique position to obtain $20 million in federal funding
"to improve transpiration infrastructure and technology along side those (35, 29, 94) highways"
as Mr. Miller claimed a few years ago in his Indiana University Alumni bio.

Is it possible that Mr. Miller was beefing himself up to his classmates and now is singing another tune?  Or is it possible that Mr. Miller is the top dog in a cover-up to the Kansas Rep.?

Visit Nancy Boyda at to keep updated on this new episode of Congressional Chicken. Next week perhaps we'll profile something in my own state!

Originally posted to Sarahkatheryn on Tue Aug 29, 2006 at 11:37 AM PDT.

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  •  I dare Ryun or Miller to tell any (5+ / 0-)

    Texan that this ridiculous project is a rumor.  

    "One way or another, this darkness got to give"

    by wozzle on Tue Aug 29, 2006 at 11:29:59 AM PDT

  •  Is this at all related to (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    boadicea, TXsharon

    the Trans Texas Corridor project that txsharon has been writing about?

    I clicked through on a couple of the items in TXsharon's diary and it does appear that it is one and the same and the map that she shows in the diary above actually looks like this when enlarged on the NASCO, yes the same NASCO, site.  

    She also links to a story by Jerome Corsi (of Swiftboat infamy) who is decrying the same thing.  His story does mention the Kansas organization.

    You might want to check out txsharon's entire diary and all the links and forward them to the people you think it may help.

  •  Yes and it gets worse (0+ / 0-)

    Google the Kansas City Smart Port and take a gander at that map.  They are trying very hard to keep this all hushy hush.

    The Christian Right is neither Witness Every Day

    by TXsharon on Tue Aug 29, 2006 at 01:12:20 PM PDT

  •  Do Your Research (0+ / 0-)

    Look, it's funny that you think I was "beefing myself up" for classmates (all four of whom follow IU alumni news), and it's downright hilarious that you think I might be "the top dog" in a cover-up (did you just rent "All the President's Men?")... but SERIOUSLY! Do some research - ask your state DOT how much it costs to construct one mile of four-lane, Interstate-quality highway (with barriers OR medians) and then start doing the multiplication from Texas up through Minnesota. Depending on which conspiracy theory you subscribe to (10 lanes or 12?) you are talking about a project whose costs would run into the tens, if not hundreds of billions (billions with a B) of dollars.

    Candidate Boyda should have done her homework first, instead of blindly choosing this issue based on several less-than-reputable websites and blogs. She should have gone straight to the Kansas Secretary of Transportation, who is a DEMOCRAT, and asked Sec. Miller about this so-called Super Corridor. She would have found out that 1. In Kansas, there is NO money for such a road (not to mention how much money would be needed to purchase Right of Way; 2. Just because they are trying to do the Trans-Texas Corridor in Texas doesn't mean that Oklahomans will follow suit in lock-step; and 3. NASCO and any other group cannot pick and choose what projects it wants because U.S. Federal appropriations are doled out only to state DOTs, MPOs and other localities - NOT grassroots lobbying groups. And by the way, when I said that NASCO secured $20 million, we did - for I-35, I-29 and I-94 - funding that was sent to STATES for individual projects to upgrade those interstates, both in terms of concrete and asphalt as well as new technology, which is what we set out to do as a group.

    SaraKatheryn and others, please talk to your state DOTs and other leaders and I truly believe you will come to find that there is no evil conspiracy to build this megaproject through the middle of the country.

    Ken Miller

  •  Mr. Miiller (0+ / 0-)

    Are you denying that NASCO is a lobbying for passage of such a corridor?

    •  NASCO and lobbying (0+ / 0-)


      I was the ED for NASCO from 2000 to 2004. I also know the current ED, Tiffany Melvin, pretty well. Our organization lobbied Congress and the Federal DOT for funding for individual projects along I-35, I-29 and I-94 (new bridge in MN, money for ITS technology in KS, add lane capacity on I-35 around Dallas...examples of projects.) Our goal was to seek piecemeal improvements that would add up to helping move people and goods more safely and efficiently along the entire route. We did so knowing full well that the funding would go to individual state DOTs for distribution - we were a lobbying group for the cities, counties, states and private businesses that were members of our group (and really even for those localities on our route that weren't members)

      Now, since I left in 2004, it is my understanding that NASCO and its members have received funding from the Feds for a "tracking project" (see their website for a more full explanation). It's a way to study how we can track freight moving from country to country in North America and to know, at any given moment, whether the freight is where it is supposed to be. As you can guess, since the horror of 9/11, this ability to instantly see if and when freight has been diverted could come in handy in the battle against terrorism.

      But to get back to your original question - during my time at NASCO (and I believe to this day) the organization is not interested in nor promoting a huge 10-12 lane SuperCorridor through the middle of the country. What we were/are interested in is making it safer and easier for people and freight to get from point A to point B. That's getting increasingly harder around the major urban areas in Texas, hence the TTC plan, and why I believe NASCO supports the TTC. The unfortunate thing is that some folks see the TTC as Step One in this huge, evil SuperCorridor plan to bisect the U.S. and create some sort of N. American Union. I do not believe it and can honestly say that I can't see Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa nor Minnesota planning anything nearly as grand in the next 50 years simply because the traffic volumes are not as threatening in those states as they are in parts of Texas.

  •  Superhighway is not a blogosphere myth! (0+ / 0-)

    Here are some more recent postings regarding buttressing Boyda's claims:

    Human Events  - National Conservative Weekly

    DOT site

    World Net Daily

    These should vindicate Nancy.

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