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Welcome, my friends, to an age where we (the progressive movement) win by coming together in unprecedented ways.

We are the young, the old, the smelly, the pajama-clad, the hairy, the tall, the single, the straight-edged, the beautiful and magnificent future of America.

After years of cryptic and heartless data processing, we have learned that - basically - the DailyKos community breaks down into TWO fundamental categories.

 1) Type D:
The peasant footsoldiers.

Problem: We broke. Can't give to the neediest candidates.

 2) Type Kos:
The "vacation-havers," if you will. The well-to-do, the "working man's working man" (aka: the boss).

Problem:  No time! Can't volunteer or be boots on the ground.

Big Dkos PROBLEM: Some can't volunteer. Some can't give money

BIG DKOS SOLUTION: Sponsor a volunteer!!!

Its an unprecedented chance for me and others with smaller incomes to get $100 in Jim Webb's iron fist, and a chance for those with the fiscal gusto and loaded schedule to ensure that there is an army of progressive footsoldiers on the ground come November.

Here's how YOU can join this effort...

WorkingmominOH and I have decided to Launch the DKos Volunteer Sponsor Program.
WorkingmominOH has already made the incredibly generous offer of $10/hour-volunteered to the candidate of your choice.

Here's how YOU can join this effort...

In 2006, we need a progressive ARMY on the ground. We need to hit every door in this country to spread the word. And we need our candidates to be able to stand dollar-to-dollar to make that happen. If we can come together to make this happen...

WE WIN in 2006

If you agree...

Type DThe army. The peasant footsoldiers. canvassers, phone-bankers, chair-stackers, pie-cutters, valet parkers.

Send an email to "jwrandolph at gmail dot com" and let me know four things
1. your name (first name will do) and screenname
2. your pledge (# of hours)
3. your preffered candidate
4. your prefferred payment method (ACTblue, candidate page, etc.)

Heed the call!

 2) Type Kos: You are the ones who must really seize your moment in history and step up to the plate. Its you who make enough money so that you can buy nice enough shoes so that you can't afford to get them dirty walking doors. You are the people who give $100 to the candidate of your choice just because your mood is good/bad/or hungry. WE NEED YOU TO MAKE THIS STAND!

WorkingmominOH has thrown down the gauntlet by pledging to sponsor 500 volunteer hours. Can you beat that?

Send an email to jwrandolph at gmail dot com and let me know the following

1. How many volunteer hours will you pony up and sponsor in order to put a progressive army on the battleground?


We are the college kids with pasty faces who would let you paint our toenails for a piece of that delicious looking pizza. We are energized! We are young! We are empowered! We are the hardnosed motherfuckers brought to age by 9/11 and George W. Bush. We taste blood in the water for the first time and WE WANT VICTORY in 2006!

It this historic moment that you must sacrifice that house extension for another 2 weeks! Its now that you must give up  that $10 coffee and go to 7-11 instead! Its NOW that you must refrain from those new slacks and SPONSOR THIS PROGRESSIVE ARMY!

EMAIL: jwrandolph at gmail dot com

Which side are you on boys?
Which side are you on?

Originally posted to faithfull on Thu Aug 31, 2006 at 09:34 AM PDT.


Which side are you on boys

44%12 votes
40%11 votes
14%4 votes

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