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Udate: The Richmond-Times Dispatch is linking to this diary on the Allen-Durbin story. If we can keep it going just a little bit longer we may break out of state! GD

This just in from the Webb Campaign:

Yesterday, Senator George Allen embarrassed Virginians again.

This time Allen didn't say anything stupid. In fact, what he had to say was good. Too good, in fact. It was so good that it turned out it was stolen.

Asking to speak before Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), Allen introduced an amendment to the Department of Defense appropriations bill that would provide $19 million in additional funding for the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center program, which provides treatment care and research for veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries.

Then they frame the issue in a very charming way.

Sadly, Allen's amendment was identical in language to one that Senator Durbin was going to introduce immediately after Allen spoke with the exception of one word -- the word "will" was changed in Allen's amendment and replaced with the word "shall." Other than that, the amendments were identical -- Durbin's amendment had been printed and set to be formally introduced, Allen's bill had not been written or been placed on the docket to be introduced on the Senate floor.

If only the MSM would pick this up!

So, what are the odds that George Allen had the exact same idea as Durbin, the exact same dollar figure as Durbin, the exact same language as Durbin (save one word)? And why did Allen seek special permission to speak before Durbin unless Allen was seeking to take credit for an amendment to which Durbin had already prepared and written?

Geez, Senator, has it really come to this? Are you so bankrupt of ideas that you have to steal another Senator's amendments and call them your own? It is clear you stole Dick Durbin's language. There are no odds that you could have written an exactly identical amendment to Durbin's, save one word -- I guess you thought this would allow you to call the amendment your own -- that it would have the exact dollar figure and that you would have to run down to the Senate floor and cut in front of Durbin (talk about cut and run, Senator) and introduce a virtually identical amendment. Did you think no one would notice?

Then it's time to hoist Felix on his own petard.

And, what happened to the Senate working at the pace of a "wounded sea slug?" Apparently, when you are seeking to score political points, even if it means stealing another Senator's bill, that ole sea slug heals up right quick. George Allen's using government for his own personal and political gain is wearing very thin. This whole episode is shameful and not worthy of a sitting U.S. Senator./>

Senator Allen, you obviously have no problem stealing Senator Durbin's amendment for political gain, but when challenged to introduce Jim Webb's new GI Bill, you use your "wounded sea slug" excuse. Senator Allen, why don't you have time for a bill that could help thousands of veterans attend college and better their lives in return for their dutiful service?

Tell George Allen that you deserve more from your U.S. Senator. Contribute today!

Thank you for all that you do to help elect Jim Webb. We have a chance to change Washington, and we'll do it together.


Steve Jarding
Senior Advisor
Webb for Senate

This e-mail was sent to everyone on the Webb mailing list.  Now let's get it booted up to the MSM.

Originally posted to Granny Doc on Wed Sep 06, 2006 at 01:51 PM PDT.

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