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I totally stole this from a mailing list, although it was anonymous.  If anyone knows who wrote it, please let me know so I can give them credit.  Although I am not Muslim, I AM South Asian, and I can understand the problems faced by the Islamic community in this country (particularly because, lets be honest, this country views the world in terms of color, not faith).  So I think this is a hilarious counterpoint to the kinds of twisted logic that allows Americans to give credence to ridicuolous concepts like "Islamofascism".

The greatest threat to civilization, to democracy and individuality, does not come from Islam, Islamism, or so-called Islamofascism. It comes from Buddhism.

A religion of violence, oppression and manifestly undemocratic collectivism, which has posed, and continues to pose, a far greater challenge to the West, and Western values, than any contrived global Muslim conspiracy, whose countries constitute a true dharmic wheel of meditative mendacity, whose cumulative viciousness is cleverly masked by a traitorous, liberal American elite, who preach the virtues and superiorities of Buddhism as against a supposedly decadent and insufficient Judeo-Christian-Islamic heritage. Wise men of the world, unite to face this danger. Understand the darkness looming by way of the Asian Invasion.

Firstly, when it comes to talk of Islamofascism - do we forget the two poles upon which fascism stood up its ugly tent? Nazi ideology, of course, wedding in long-distance alliance to Japan's Buddhofascism. How clever the many enemies of America are - the proponents of Islamofascism, I mean - who distract us from the real, historically verified enemy, against whom hundreds of thousands of good Christian boys gave their lives. It was Japan!  That Japan then became a democracy, after being properly sanitized and irradiated, was only because Japan is not thoroughly Buddhist. Its Shinto influences account for its breaking free of the stranglehold of the inherently undemocratic Buddhist mentality.

Secondly, Buddhism is dominant in too many countries Americans have recently fought: North Korea, and China by way of that same war - in the early 1950's, we fought Buddhists! During the Vietnam War, we fought Buddhists once more. Sure, they masqueraded as Communists, but we know that the war that radiated from Vietnam and into Indochina was one of a democratic West against a barbaric Buddhadom. Count  em, that's three wars: World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam. In fact, if we are to go further, Buddhism spread to China and Japan by way of the Kushan Empire, located in the ancient kingdom of Gandhara. And where is Gandhara? Right between Afghanistan and Pakistan, right where "Om" Bin Laden has been hiding. Still think Islam's to blame?

Thirdly, Buddhist states are marked by totalitarian, if not genocidal tendencies. Any comprehensive reads like a true axis of evil: China, Communist. Mongolia, Communist. North Korea, Communist ruled by midget. Burma, military terror. Vietnam, Communist. Laos, Communist. Cambodia, Pol  Potistan. (Khmer Rouge, anyone?) In fact, Thailand recently overcame democracy by way of a "surprise" military coup - surprising for anyone who doesn't know Buddhism, that is. Buddhists just can't coexist with democracy, you see, and India only got away with it because the Mother Dharma expelled her Un-Democratic Dharma.

Fourthly, the unbelievable popularity of Buddhism - especially among the left coasts, the Volvo-driving, latte-bolt, sexually loose, morally purposeless liberal minority that clings in dots and blips to the fringes of America. Notice how often they preach Buddhism, its virtues and appropriateness, its wisdom and timelessness - no God with a stick, as Judeo-Christian-(Islamism) teaches, but a moral vehicle of atheistic ethics. For their immorality to be justified to themselves! If any of the prior reasons were no mean argument, this fourth alone should be insinuation enough. America's liberals, America's enemies. Does nothing change? (So there, Buddha!)

That people can make arguments like this with reference to Islam, and find themselves printed in "respectable" media - such as The New York Times and Newsweek - yet if any such cockamamie crap were peddled regarding a socially acceptable cultural framework (that is, what we call Buddhism), everyone would react with shock. But, you see, as they don't wear bikinis on the beach, muslims can be killed.

(Note: while I don't necessarily agree with the cynicism of the last paragraph, I think the point made is valid.  We need to start thinking of people, not ideologies or faiths.)

Originally posted to ChicagoDem on Sat Sep 30, 2006 at 11:25 AM PDT.


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