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"The time has come", the Walrus said,
"to talk of many things."
"Of shoes and ships and sealing wax,
and whether pigs have wings."

ek, is this about Pig Wings?

Or is it...

A Late Night Whiny Meta Thread!!!!!!


I am reduced to boxes and emoticons ó-ò.  And ordered and unordered lists.  And images.  And I don't need one other thing, except my dog.  GROOWF!!!  I don't need my dog.

Since it's been a while I'll remind everybody about the rules.

  1. Late Night Whiny Meta Threads are about Whining, and about Meta, and Whining about HOW things work.  If you want to chat about the unfairness of ratings or discuss important diaries that have vanished unrecommended and uncommented on, GET YOUR SORRY TROLL RATED UNRECOMMENDED BUTT OUT OF HERE!
  2. I have a very low tolerence for personal attacks on the ability or motives of kos, ct, jotter, or peeder and any of the other thousands of people (including you and I) who try very hard to make this site work at all.

Scan Diaries Easily

My little dog and I have complained in the past about the demise of The Magic Bullet which I contend is the prettiest view on the web.

Your Diaries, with your intros so I can decide which diaries I want to read, see which diaries I have read and whether there are any new comments, but only the first 50- push the 'Next Page' button and check it out.


After I publicly bitched and moaned about it I ran across a post that said '&story_view=long' was the key, which I knew but I had never bothered typing in directly while looking in The Window of Time that is the 'Recent Diary List'.  So I did.  Dang, that looks like the second page I've been missing.  Hat tip dwahzon!  'Next Page'.  Yuck.  Say... what if it works again?

Why then it would be science!

Magic Bullet Style

I invite your study of the urls for 51-100, 101-150, and 151-200...
  • &sortby=relevance&count=50&wayback=1440&wayfront=0&next=Next+Page+%3E%3E &story_view=long
  • &sortby=relevance&count=50&wayback=1440&wayfront=0&next=Next+Page+%3E%3E &story_view=long
  • &sortby=relevance&count=50&wayback=1440&wayfront=0&next=Next+Page+%3E%3E &story_view=long

I sense a pattern.

Now if you've read Speed Reading dKos (you have read it, haven't you (sniff)?), you'll know that I do most of my surfing based on titles alone.  It's not as in depth but it's substantially quicker.  The Window of Time is what I call the 'Recent Diary List' (that button way down at the bottom of 'Recent Diaries' right above where you set your diary display to 50).  It bookmarks nicely too-

Window of Time Style

So how do I use this?

I have given you the power to slag planets and roam across continents of poems with ease.

Practical Tips-

  • Bookmark all the links, use labels that make sense to you.
  • Each Group represents a stack of 50 diaries, from newest to oldest, starting with the very newest diary available at dKos NOW!
  • 9 pages == 450 Diaries == about one day of very heavy traffic.  800 Diaries == about 2 days of heavy traffic.

I use Firefox which has tabbed browsing.  By using the 'Manage Bookmarks...' tool I can create a new folders and drag and drop Bookmarks into them.  I use 2, one that has all the bookmarks and one with just one day's worth.  Since I can load all the bookmarks in a folder into separate tabs, I can basically hit one button and load a whole day's worth of diaries in one click.  Slick.

It freezes time too, by which I mean it doesn't update unless you hit refresh; and shhh...... don't tell anybody but there are no ugly Banner Ads or scandalous Third Column Ads or clueless Front Pagers either!

Who's buttons are you pushing now ek?

If you want a job done right, or at all, get off your lazy ass and do it yourself.  Complaining is for losers.

One complaint I don't want to hear as the election draws near is how your oh so important diary vanished in the pile of other oh so important diaries-loser

Let me play you a whiny little tune on the world's smallest violin- it sucks to be you.
If you can't keep up using these tools there is no hope.

If you don't like a diary, DON'T READ IT!.

This is the firehose.

I don't get torqued off that there are 55 diaries on torture and 55 diaries on pedophilia and another 55 on Allen proving once again what a racist he is.  I feel bad sometimes that I don't comment in every one, but I do try not to let the decent ones disappear without a comment or a tip.  It encourages people to participate.

If you have more selective tastes, good for you.  I never read meta diaries, they bore me, and I skip diaries by authors I hate, like ek hornbeck.  Pretty soon I'm wailing on the Refresh button and using the Magic Bullet to see if I missed anything interesting, like a good flame war.

I read as much as I want to and you can too.  I never feel like I missed out on anything (well, they do take down ErrinF diaries a mite too fast for my tastes).  I don't feel like my issues are not being addressed, if I did I'd write about them more often.  It really doesn't take me any longer than the Sunday New York Times (alas for the proud grey lady, dressed as a right wing rag).

Feel free to spread this technique around, peeder was using Scan Diaries Easily as part of his sig a while back but has since moved on to other projects.

Another Way to look at Diaries

If you want a list using 'New Search' of all the diaries from a given date you need to specify a date using the sid=("yyyy/mm/dd") parameter in the Search: box.  Set Find: to 'Diaries' and From: to '3 Years' and hit 'Search'.

This view only works a full day at a time, if you mess with the From:/To: settings and put your sid out of range you will get 0 results.

You can have fun playing with the Sort By: settings which are 'Relevance', 'Time', 'Impact', 'Recommend', 'Comments', 'Title', and 'Author'.  'Cid *', 'Recommends *', and 'Trolls *' return the list to it's default 'Relevance'.

I have more to talk about, but you're tired of listening to me anyway.  What's on your Meta mind?

Originally posted to The Stars Hollow Gazette on Sat Sep 30, 2006 at 05:58 PM PDT.



What's on your Meta mind?

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