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Sue Kelly (NY-19) announced that the 15,000 strong Hudson Valley Building & Construction Trades Council endorses her campaign for re-election.
Press Release here

This is at odds with Democractic candidate John Hall's many Union endorsements: Hall recieves support from AFL-CIO, NYSUT, 1199 SEIU, CWA District 1 as well as several others.

Very strange -- until start digging which is where we learn the truth about her 'new' union support that is.

Learn about Rep. Sue Kelly's ties to this organization below!

[alright guys I was going to post this yesterday but I didn't get around to it and this is a very rough draft of information so please work with me, I have more detail about the situation I'm not releasing at this time but I need to fact check it more]

Alright guys and girls welcome to the 1st Edition of:
Let's Fact Check Sue Kelly

This 1st edition will deal with her brand new 15,000 strong union support -- the 'Hudson Valley Building & Construction Trades Council (HVBCTC)'

The HVBCTC's President is L. Todd Diori, Vice President is Sam Fratto. (Sue Kelly Press Release)

Lets do a little digging shall we?
Mr. Diorio is also the leader of Laborers Local 17 (part of the Laborers International Union of North America or LIEUNA).

All right so lets get the big picture - LIENA is the national group, Local 17 is the local chapter led by Mr. Diorio. Mr. Diorio also leads the Hudson Valley Building & Construction Trades Council.

Got me so far?

LIENA's International PAC gave Rep. Sue Kelly $6000 last year. ( Bottom of page )
Alright so LIENA decided that they support Kelly... last year right?

You would still be incorrect however because digging a little deeper reveals that LIENA has donated money to Kelly's campaign since 03/24/1998. (very very large document ) Totaling the sum it reaches an astounding $47,500 since 1998!

Okay, so we have figured out that the national union has given money to Rep. Kelly - a lot of money, but maybe you believe that this funding is on the national level and not something perhaps the local organization was involved in.
Too bad thats still not true.

Lets go back to the local level shall we?

The President of the Local Chapter (and the Hudson Valley group) is Mr. L Todd Diorio. In 2003 Mr. L Todd Diorio (occupation: LIENA's local business manager) gave Rep. Sue Kelly $1000 (2nd name listed

In 2005 a Mr. Lawrence T. Diorio, employed under the business `Safety Harbor Management & Consulting' (which I can't find any record of btw) gave Rep. Sue Kelly $500 (2nd name listed

In 2005 a women by the name of Ms. Laurell Diorio-Taylor donated $1500 to the Sue Kelly campaign. In her FEC contribution form she put down that she was a housewife and lived at 350 Neelytown Road, Montgomery, NY 12549. (2nd name listed )

Anyway she is Todd's sister ( )
[I have more information to go here about Ms. Laurell Diorio-Taylor, but I'm not sure about accuracy so maybe I will post about it later]

In 2006 Mr. L. Todd Diorio donated to  Sue Kelly's campaign, $500. (

So maybe you're starting to see a pattern - the Trade group that Kelly announced as recentaly endorsing her has always backed her. It's not something new - its a position their leaders have held for a long, long time.

Alright, what about Sam Fratto -- the vice president, does he have a record?

Yes he donated to Ms. Kelly's campaign too.
Sam donated $500 to Sue Kelly in 2003. (

So I don't think one group supporting you that has always supported you means you have union support Ms. Kelly.

The Internation Union backed and gave you money since 1998.
The President of the local union supported you since 2003.
The Vice President of the local union supported you since 2003.

So, why are you trying to say that this 'support' is new? Why the frontpage news on your website?

Nice try Ms. Kelly, but you fail the Fact Check.

-- MrMacMan

Originally posted to MrMacMan on Wed Oct 04, 2006 at 06:08 PM PDT.

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  •  media manipulation (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    Yet another example of the Kelly campaign's blatant efforts to manipulate the media and distort reality.  For example, the debate nonsense -- Hall challenges her to five debates, so she finally issues a press release saying she will meet him in five debates -- footnote, only one is public and it is in staunchly red Warwick, two so-called debates are meetings with newspaper editorial boards, one is before a chamber of commerce and is CLOSED to the public (this I learned tonight at the opening party of Hall's Mount Kisco office) and the fifth is such a non-debate that I do not even recall what it is, maybe Sue Kelly appearing on O'Reilly's show next to a cardboard cutout of John Hall.  

    Now, as this diary demonstrates, her one long-time supporter among all the unions in the district becomes hot-off-the-presses news.  (Sounds like this PR is coming from the same folks that promised a blockbuster news conference, only to reveal that Mark Foley is gay.  Duh.)  

    The promising thing is that it is a little inept and so far easy to call them on.  

    •  It took me just a little time to connect the dots (0+ / 0-)

      I found it weird off the offset that she would be supported by a local union and saw that these groups were all interrelated.

      Sue Kelly thinks she can divert attention from all of Hall's actual supporters -- national unions and other great groups that support him.

      BTW, can you get a verification about the chamber of commerce meeting (closed to public, i thought chamber meetings in all towns were open? isnt there a 'closed door' meetings law in NY?)

      BTW the 5 debates Kelly said she was going to go to were:
      Warwick, Poughkeepsie Chamber of Commerce, Two Paper editorial boards and a TV debate (cablevision or something)

      So now there is only 1 open debate?

      •  debates (0+ / 0-)

        The information that the Poughkeepsie Chamber of Commerce debate is for chamber members only is from a conversation tonight with Hall's communications director.  The chamber's events web page does not mention the debate, but that does not mean much, I suppose:
        To the extent that the "debate" is during the chamber's regular meeting, however, I do not think the chamber of commerce -- which is not a government body -- needs to open it to the public.

        Apparently the Warwick debate is open to the public, but expect a lot of Repubs and maybe a few true thugs.  Seems extra important that John get a good turnout at the Warwick debate.

        •  Warwick = Orange County Farm group? (0+ / 0-)

          I think thats what we are referring to right?

          And my mind isn't clear about the existance of chambers of commerce.

          yeah either way, its clear that she can't didn't get the 5 debates hall requested.

          -- mrmacman

          •  Runaway Sue (1+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:

            I know the thread is old, but ...

            A press release on Hall's site today -- "Kelly Still Ducking Public Debates" -- confirms that the only debate Kelly has accepted so far is the Orange County Farm Debate:


            It goes on to explain that the other so-called debates are not public and are not really debates at all:

            The Kelly campaign has tried to pass off a candidates’ forum hosted by the Poughkeepsie Area Chamber of Commerce as a public debate, but it’s not open to the public and the candidates will not be given a chance to respond to their opponents’ statements. Editorial board debates at the Journal News and Times Herald-Record are not open to the public either and will not be televised.

            Also, voters aren’t invited to attend the Cablevision debate in Wappingers Falls on October 30. There are assertions that the debate will be re-broadcast numerous times before the election, but it still won’t be available to those without cable TV service, like satellite TV customers.

            So, we continue to wonder why Runaway Sue cannot even drive 10 minutes from Katonah to Somers for the League of Women Voters debate -- which the LVW, in a letter to the Journal News today, offered to move to another date because Kelly's pals in Warwisk scheduled their debate for the same day:

            Better stay away, Runaway Sue!

  •  Great research MrMacMan! (0+ / 0-)

    Does anybody know HOW staunchly red Warwick is? Goshen, where I live, would probably be considered such, but registration is 3-2 R to D with a lot of independents. I'd expect Warwick is similar. In any case, we need to try to get out as many Hall supporters as possible to Warwick!

    •  From what I understand (0+ / 0-)

      Warwick is considered Republican like you said, but I do not know by what margin - I do know that the vast majority of elected officials in the town are Republican.  That being said, the Warwick Dems are the biggest and most influential Dem committee in Orange County.

  •  Seems like i choose the worst time to post this.. (0+ / 0-)

    My diary is buried under 5 new NY-19 posts!

    One word:

    -- MrMacMan

    •  on the positive side (0+ / 0-)

      the fact that there are 5 new NY-19 posts suggests that there is a lot of interest in this race, no?

      •  now there are 6 ;) (0+ / 0-)

        Yeah its starting to pile uppp.


        The focus is on Kelly--Foley possible connection mostly so we will see how many get on the daily house race recap thread.

        -- MrMacMan

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