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Big. Brass. Balls.

Poll: Hayes 47, Kissell 46

Cash on Hand: $88.94

Momentum: Priceless

Kissell TV & Radio Pre-Bought

"What comes in goes on TV and radio the next day. Keep it coming, and we will take our country back from the special interests that have been buying and selling the People's House."   -Larry Kissell

The Charlotte Observer seemed to like that.

"I'm sure my bank account looks a lot more like a typical 8th District voter than Hayes'," Kissell said Friday. "What comes in goes on TV and radio the next day."

And as BlueNC reports, the gutsy tactic is working.

Remember the gutsy move I told you about? In my diary from yesterday I told you how Larry Kissell had prepaid radio and television spots, leaving only $88.94 in the bank.

Well, today I get an email that made me smile. Apparently folks at DKos, MyDD and/or BlueNC have started donating through ActBlue in the amount of $88.94. Isn't that friggin' awesome?

Here's an idea of how far that money will go. Larry can buy 10 radio spots for that donation in his market. Two donations of that amount will buy one spot on television during the evening news.

So, who's in? Who wants to pitch in for 10 radio spots or half of a television spot?

So that means just $8.94 buys this radio spot another play. Or every 20 donors of $8.94 puts the latest TV spot on broadcast.

I'm intrigued by this in the Charlotte Observer too.

"We've continued to raise, and spend, money every day since then, and know much more's on the way," says Kissell spokesman Steve Hudson. "I know this doesn't sound like your typical campaign sitting on a war chest, but it's not your typical campaign."

"Much more on the way..." makes me happy, of course, but the Kissell campaign recognizing and exploiting the fact this is NOT your typical campaign is even more exciting.

Like Rahm Emanuel said of Larry, "Larry is turning the conventional wisdom about politics on its head."

From architect of the cheap gas event to reporting $88.94 cash on hand to draw out a contrast to his opponent's $1.1 million on purpose, I can't wait to see what Larry has in store for us when John Edwards comes to town this Friday. This is the best political drama going.

Join me and give netroots, give! $88.94 buys a front row seat to what will surely be the greatest upset of the cycle.

Originally posted to RANT on Sun Oct 08, 2006 at 06:23 AM PDT.

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