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Newsweek's on-line edition has an article by Eleanor Clift titled "As the Tide Turns."  In it she outlines how Andrew Duck (MD-06) is representative of the "tide" that's washing incumbent Republicans out of office.

She outlines his 20 year service in the Army and his encounters with the Bush "bureaucrats."

Andrew was in the Third Army, assigned as an intelligence liaison officer to the First Marine Expeditionary Force.

He was there when U.S. Political leaders disbanded the Iraqi Army, putting tens of thousands of military-trained men on the streets with no money and no way to feed their family.  Army brass didn't like the decision, but immediately set out to build a new Iraqi Army.  According to Duck, they had three battalions signed up and ready for training when word came from Washington to stop; they hadn't awarded the contract yet.  "They were more concerned about which company was going to make money from the contract than getting an army," he says.

Andrew's time in Iraq was filled with frustrating encounters with "the brass," as he tried to protect his men.

Back in the United States, Duck clashed with the Army Supply Planning Board when he pressed for more armored Humvees for U.S. soldiers in Iraq.  Told they were operating at full production, Duck said they should build another production line.  Roadside bombs were just starting to be a problem, and soldiers were riding around with nothing but canvas on the side, he said.  "Captain, we're not here to discuss that," he was told.  Duck went home that night and told his wife he couldn't do his job anymore.  He retired in January 2004.  Now he hopes to do that job as a member of Congress, and he just may get the chance.   (Emphasis added)

Hey, Kossaks, show Andrew some $$$$$ love:

Originally posted to Mauimom on Sat Oct 21, 2006 at 02:52 PM PDT.

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  •  Newbie (10+ / 0-)

    This is my first diary.  Hope you like it.

  •  Recommend highly (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Carnacki, monkeybiz, Sharon in MD

    I never heard of this guy until I read about him here on kos.  And now he has national attention. Wow.  We should all go volunteer in Frederick the next two week-ends!

    Exciting stuff.

  •  Well, this is great! (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    kellington, monkeybiz

    and I've never heard of this guy before either - but good lord, we should be able to take out an 82-year-old certified nutcase who carries Moon's robes

    Googled, trying to find some poll data - and couldn't find a thing - I'd love to know

    •  Poll data (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Carnacki, Sharon in MD

      The Duck campaign doesn't have the $$$$ for a full-fledged poll, especially in this far-flung district.  However, see the Clift article for the report on a highly unscientific -- but encouraging -- on-line poll done by a local newspaper: Duck 72.8%, Bartlett 27.2%.

      Barlett hasn't even shown up at the last couple of candidate forums (I guess that should be fori?).  While the district is traditionally Republican, I think we've got a number of strong cards in our hand that will come up a winner: the incumbent has "overstayed his welcome" [he supported "term limits" but has long exceeded what he originally promised]; Andrew has strong veterans' and labor support; he's a great speaker; the national issues trend his way, etc.

      The one joker I see is that the MD Democratic party is complacent and almost incompetent.  They've been asleep at the switch as Steele peels off African-American voters with slick, smart ads.

      The DCCC hasn't deigned to fund Andrew.  Thus he needs Kossack $$$$.


  •  Kossacks from the great state of Maryland (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    what do you know about Duck and how are you helping him?

    •  Duck is a great guy (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      Carnacki, Mauimom

      Fabulous personality and a very genuine guy.  I've donated money and attended a house party for him.  I'm trying to squeeze in some time to help the camapign out the next few weekends.  

      I personally think Duck has the right resume to win this seat.  He's a Frederick County native which should help as well. :)

  •  Well (0+ / 0-)

    This is a very tough district. MD Democrats used the 2001-2002 redistricting process to eliminate Bob Ehrlich and Connie Morella's Congressional districts. In order to eliminate their districts they conceeded the 1st district, which includes the Eatern Shore, a sliver of Anne Arundel county, and the Eastern Baltimore/Washington exubrbs; and the 6th district, which includes the Western Panhandle, Frederick County, and the rest of the Baltimore/Washington exurbs.

    The 6th is thus heavily Republican by definition. For Duck to win it is going to require a lot of hard work and effort. For DC related travel advice, please visit that link.

    by jiacinto on Sat Oct 21, 2006 at 04:59:42 PM PDT

    •  Registration breakdown...not un-winable (0+ / 0-)

      The current voter registration stats for the MD-06 are as follows:

      Party        Voters
      Democrat        37%
      Republican      48%
      Unaffiliated      15%

      With only an 11 point difference in registrations, and 15% of registered voters being unaffiliated with a party (i.e. independent)...this race IS win-able.

      I've been phone banking for the Andrew Duck campaign.  All of my calls have been to soft Republicans.  And I can tell you that there is a lot of complacency if not outright dissatisfaction with Roscoe.  Of course, there are some who hang up as soon as they know it's a political call. Of the ones I talk to, once they have been "introduced" to Andrew, most of them say either that they will vote for him or ask where they can get more information.

      This race is going to come down to whether we can reach enough people and let them know they have a viable alternative choice this year!

      Any amount of help you can give, be it $ or time could make the difference in this race.

  •  Bona fides (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Sharon in MD

    I heard Andrew speak at a fundraiser about 6 months ago.  Our district [the southern portion of the infamous Montgomery County MD] is represented by Chris Van Hollen, who bumped off Connie Morella (R).  The district is now safely in Van Hollen's hands, so I was looking around for another Dem to support.

    I was SO impressed with Andrew from that first living room "chat" that I signed up.  

    His war record is impressive, but he has additional ideas and expertise on health care, living wage, social security, energy independence -- all the issues on which  Democrats can WIN.

    I've been volunteering in his office: hand-written postcards and a bulk mailing today; whatever comes across the transom.

    Go read the entire Clift article to get a fuller picture of Andrew.  Visit his web site.  And send him some LOVE.

    I've been screaming in comments for a number of months that this is a winnable seat. The DCCC ain't listening, but maybe Kossacks are.  

    This was my first diary.  I wish I'd done one earlier to bring Andrew to everyone's attention, but I'm a bashful newbie.

    Andrew's a smart, down-to-earth guy, and I heartily recommend that you support him however you can.

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