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After the Seattle Times, and its publisher, Frank Blethens, endorsed Dave "The Hair" Reichert, it is no surprise that they would also endorse Mike! McGavick over Maria Cantwell.

The Times is known for being much more conservative than the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and Blevens is particularly a Big Business Conservative. Only Frank could see " sacrificing some jobs to save a few" as a good thing, considering the fortunes of Safeco Insurance were not turned around.

As the Times points out all the ways that McGavick is similar to Maria, she is criticized for not showing leadership, while McGavick is painted as a Big Business saint

The endorsement is here in the Seattle Times this morning.

Of course, the Times did not mention that, as CEO of Safeco Insurance, Mike had his own personal insurance with another company, was not able to turn the company around, thus causing several thousand people to be laid off, and his claim that even though he was arrested for drunk driving, he now knows his limit and will continue to drink and drive safely.

Funny, but yesterday there was a story in the neighboring Tacoma News Tribune reporting that the RNCC was not going to put anymore money into ads for Mike!  ( that is how he spells his name on all his signs) which most took as an indication that they dont think he can beat Maria.

Apparently the Times disagrees.

The Times endorsed Reichert because Frank Blethens wants the estate tax repealed and Reichert, and Mike!, strongly endorse that. Darcy Burner and Maria Cantwell do not. While the endorsement claims that is not the biggest reason for the nod to Mike!, his abilities as a CEO are laughable, and the estate tax becomes the only attractive issue related to him.

Meanwhile, Blethens ignores the "other" things about both candidates that concern a lot of local voters. McGavick was on the receiving end of a fundraiser up in Alaska, hosted by Ted Stevens, mostly because Ted the Tubes HATES Cantwell for her successful battle against him on the drilling at ANWAR. And, as has been reported in numerous diaries, Reichert is a rubber stamp for Bush.

It will be interesting to see who the other papers endorse!

Originally posted to fireflynw on Sun Oct 22, 2006 at 08:56 AM PDT.

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  •  Two losers they endorsed (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    With the Reichert endorsement last week, this makes two losers they endorsed.

    I think Kos users should let them have it via email.

    Here is the link to the editorial staff:

  •  Here's the Letter to the Editor I sent them... (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    ...when I heard about the Reichert endorsement.  It applies pretty much to this one too...

    The Seattle Times has shown, once again, that as long as politicians bow down to mammon, or at least to killing the Estate Tax, they’ll gladly portray any pig’s ear as finest silk.

    Endorsing Dave Reichert over Darcy Burner in the 8th Congressional District race is but another example.  

    This is a man who’s voted almost every single time with the Bush administration - the same one that’s given us Iraq.  Katrina.  That takes “passing the buck” to a high art form - if you like your art trashy.

    The same man who voted for the detainee bill, which legitimizes both torture and the suspension of habeas corpus, one of our most basic rights, after telling constituents in emails that “I strongly oppose the use of any type of torture on detainees of the United States or any of our coalition partners.”

    The same man who chairs a committee that still can’t figure out how to have police and fire personnel communicate using the same frequency.

    I wish Mr. Blethen would just put, on the front page of his newspaper - FOR SALE TO HIGHEST BIDDER - but then that might be too forward for him.

    Or, perhaps, too honest.

    "Nothing is as difficult as not deceiving oneself" - Ludwing Wittgenstein

    by Palamedes on Sun Oct 22, 2006 at 09:01:50 AM PDT

  •  Blethen, not Blevens n/t (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    "Lash those traitors and conservatives with the pen of gall and wormwood. Let them feel -- no temporising!" - Andrew Jackson to Francis Preston Blair, 1835

    by Ivan on Sun Oct 22, 2006 at 09:09:43 AM PDT

  •  This Election (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Like the Detainee Votes offer an opportunity to see where people's motivations lie.  For the congress people are they afraid to do the right thing and are putting their futures above the future of the Country as a constitutional republic.  In the place of newspapers do their editors put their own personal interests above those of their communities.  

    In both cases it's time to mark things down and remember and never let people forget the decisions they have made.  And remind the American people why.  For Democrats and Republicans.

    •  Amen (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      I wish it also affected the "race" between which paper will ultimately prevail in Seattle--the Times or the PI

      Politics is like driving...if you want to go backwards, choose R. If you want to move forward, choose D.

      by fireflynw on Sun Oct 22, 2006 at 09:26:53 AM PDT

      [ Parent ]

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