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Oh the things we will do when we take back the House!
We'll be strong--like a lion!
Not meek--like a mouse!

We will fight for ALL people
not only the wealthy.
We'll work to make sure
ALL people are healthy!

We'll work for security
but also for peace.
Give ALL kids a chance
including my niece!

We'll care for our veterans
who kept us all free.
We'll fight for our rights
and feed Freedom's tree.

We'll boost the economy
and find people jobs.
We'll fight for clean air
and not just for snobs.

We'll make sure our teachers
get pay and respect
and that nurses and firemen
aren't left in the dreck.

We'll work to make sure
all religions are equal,
and our next six great years
aren't just a Bush sequel.

When I was a child, my father--a truly great man--loved to read to us from Dr. Seuss books. My father died in 1998, and of all the things I miss, one is certainly his impromptu rendering of life's mysteries into Seuss like verse.

Well I certainly can't do justice to the good Dr. Seuss, or to my father, but my small attempt above is a tribute to both of them, as well as a tribute to our soon to be new House leadership, and most of all, a tribute to all of you, who have worked so hard and so tirelessly to make it happen for the last two years!

While I am very confident about my campaign, I cannot read the future, and so I do not know if I will get to stand with truly good people like Grace Napolitano, Mark Udall, Diana DeGette, Mike Honda, John Salazar and so many others to put our great Nation back on track.

But I do know this: It has been my greatest honor and privilege to work with all of these people in the last year and to get to know them. It has been my greatest privilege and honor to stand with Ed Perlmutter, Angie Paccione, Jay Fawcett, Bill Ritter, Joe Rice, Angela Engle, Mollie Cullom, and so many others fighting so hard to set things right!

Win or lose on Tuesday, I'm not going away and neither should you! We have too much work to do, and some truly wonderful leaders who are going to help us do it!

I have been amazed at the absolute nastiness of Republican attacks against Democratic candidates in Colorado this year. It seems we have reached new lows.

The other side has run campaigns based on hate and fear and division, mostly I think, because they have no accomplishments of their own to campaign about. More to the point, they have been running campaigns based fear of what will happen if Nancy Pelosi becomes Speaker of the House.

Well, I have an answer to that one.

The American Dream will be reborn and we will make sure that every child born in this great Nation has a fair shot at whatever they want to be. We will make sure we are the strongest, safest Nation on the planet and we will begin to take our responsibilities to each other and to the World seriously again!

We are going to end campaigning based on fear of Democrats. We are going to show America that Democrats are the party that gets things done, that fixes things.

We will show them that Democrats are the Party that supports the troops, the Party that takes care of Veterans, and the Party that really cares about hard working Americans and the middle class!

We will show them that the American economy runs best when Democrats are in charge. We will show them that you can have a strong economy AND take care of the environment and the planet at the same time.

And we will show them that the Democratic Party is STRONG on national security and defense!

How will we do all these things?

I'm so glad you asked because here I go--and please pitch in with your comments if I miss anything!

We will rebuild our military and restore it to the strength and power it had before Bush squandered it all in his ill conceived and ill executed war in Iraq!

We will, as Abraham Lincoln once said, "care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan--to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves, and with all nations."

We will enact the recommendations of the 9/11 commission and work for REAL national security for America.

And we will overturn the shameful torture bill so recently passed, and make sure the world knows that America DOES stand for justice everywhere.

We will provide the resources needed by our intelligence agencies so they can provide REAL intelligence gathering ability, and not hide behind the false hope of wire taps and internal surveillance.

We will pass Diana DeGette's stem cell research bill and make sure the promise of science is no longer held hostage to extreme ideology.

We will protect women and ALL their god given rights, but at the same time we will work on the real root causes of abortion and work to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies in America. As Bill Clinton once said, we will strive to make sure the abortion is safe, legal, and rare.

We will work to make America a global leader in the development of alternative energy so we can end our dependence on fossil fuels, to the benefit of our economy, our environment, and our national security.

We will raise the minimum wage and overhaul tax policy so that the economy benefits ALL Americans and not just the wealthiest one percent.

We will stand up once again for safe workplaces and fair labor laws and fair trade so that the working people of America are no longer tied to the whipping post of failed economic policy!

We will hold all Presidents accountable for their job and say "No more, Sir!" to fiascoes like Katrina and Iraq.

We will cherish and protect separation of church and state, as much to protect the churches as to protect the state!

We will fashion an education policy that ensures that America's children are the best educated children in the entire world.

We will find a way to provide quality, affordable health care to every man, woman, and child in America.

We will fix Social Security and ensure that a program which has lifted millions of seniors out of poverty will survive into the next century.

We will do all these things and STILL balance the budget and find a surplus, as was done the last time a Democrat stood in charge of this Nation.

And we will have the America we dreamed of all our lives--strong, safe, and a beacon of hope to the rest of the world--a place where no one gets left behind and everyone has a shot at the American Dream!

Sound like something worth fighting for?

You have two more days to make it happen, my friends.

Go out and be the hero you've been looking for--be the change YOU want to see in the world!

Bill Winter

Originally posted to Bill Winter on Sun Nov 05, 2006 at 09:09 AM PST.

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