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According to a story posted at ePluribus Media, the spate of phony calls placed to VA voters under investigation by the FBI, strongly suggests the campaign of Sen. George Allen may be involved.

Allen's campaign manager, Chris LaCivita is a former lobbyist for the DCI Group, a public affairs firm with a long history of phone jamming and push-polling. LaCivita has denied any involvement.

However, Friends of George Allen, the senator's principal campaign committee has made several payments to emotive, LLC, a firm whose Director of Creative Strategy is another former DCI Group employee, with connections to TSE Enterprises and GOP-only web firm New Media Communications.

Please recommend this diary and see if the Kossacks can drive this story into the MSM before the VA senatorial race is called.

UPDATED: NEW INFO AT ePLURIBUS MEDIA The full story can be found HERE.

In summary, Matthew Dybwad, the Director of Creative Strategy for emotive, LLC over the course of a decade has worked for TSE Enterprises, the DCI Group, and New Media Communications.

* TSE Enterprises is an astroturf outfit owned by Thomas Stock, who with DCI's Thomas J. Synhorst used Americans for Technology Leadership to send letters from dead people to U.S. attornies general, in a fake "grassroots" show of support for Microsoft during their federal anti-trust case.

* In addition to Synhorst, DCI Group employed Jame Tobin who was convicted in the New Hampshire phone jamming scandal of 2002.

* Along with close Karl Rove associate Tony Feather, Synhorst and the DCI Group (using the name FLS-DCI) push-polled John McCain supporters on behalf of soon-to-be President George W. Bush in 2000 during the Republican presidential primary.

* New Media Communications is owned by Michael L. Connell, a GOP Internet "guru" who designed voter and delegate tracking database software for George HW Bush in the late 80's. New Media currently runs, and has deep roots inside Ohio SOS Ken Blackwell's office.

* Connell was fired in 1990 by Sen. Dan Coats (R-IN) for his involvement in a push-polling scheme on behalf of another Republican candidate, Mike Pence.

Originally posted to Todd Johnston on Tue Nov 07, 2006 at 07:37 PM PST.

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