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Though we all have much to celebrate with the change in Washington, I have found myself holding back my champagne toast as I watched Proposal 2 dismantle my home state of Michigan.  For those of you who are unaware, Proposal 2 was an initiative to ban affirmative action in all state institutions.  Ward Connerly, the man who initiated this in California, and just recently in Michigan, may be coming to your state next.

From the beginning there were numerous problems associated with this.  The ballot initiative deceptively used the language of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, convincing people that this was a proposal to ensure that discrimination will end.  Many people were misled by this and signed the petition believing that it strengthened what Affirmative Action intended to do.  Even several petition carriers were in the dark when asking people to sign.  When this was brought before the courts in Michigan, the only order they issued was the addition of a line that stated that this proposal was going to ban affirmative action.  There was also news that money for the campaign to promote prop 2 was donated by the KKK right before the election (see and

Well, it passed with 58% of the vote.  Several comments were made during exit poll interviews that had shown just how much ignorance was used in determining a yes vote.  One woman stated that she voted yes for prop 2 because she was turned down at the University of Michigan so a less qualified minority could go there.  Well, she is a woman, therefore a minority under Affirmative Action, and she really would have no idea if a racial minority was accepted in her place and whether or not they were less qualified.  Some male students I talked to stated that they voted yes because they believe that Affirmative Action desperately needed to be reformed in its current state, so they voted to strike it down.  Well, voting yes will not fix the problems associated with A.A.; it gets rid of it all together and negates any effort for reform.  

I am saddened that this state has chosen to pass a measure that bans a program to ensure that those who are disadvantaged have a chance to level the playing field.  I'm even more worried that Ward Connerly may be making rounds in other states to dismantle A.A. elsewhere.  He's already won California and Michigan.  Beware; he may be coming to your state soon.

Originally posted to M Osborn on Thu Nov 09, 2006 at 09:18 AM PST.

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  •  I can't figure that guy out- (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    unionboy, sabershadow

    I mean, what's driving Ward Connerly?  If I give him the benefit of the doubt, and assume that he's sincere, and truly believes that AA hurts society, where is he coming from?

    Most readers of this blog will agree that AA has a central, though not exclusive role, in addressing long-term societal problems.  Does he think that AA rewards underachievement, or sets the bar too low, or what?  It's almost like his message to underpriveleged / underrepresented minorities is "Work hard, overcome all your obstacles all by yourself.  Ignore all the subtle barriers in your way, and you'll succeed."

    This guy grew up black in a white dominated society.  Has he no experience himself of any form of discrimination, or of lack of access?

    I'm getting pretty fed up with these "voter initiatives".  

    Sorry for rambling, but it's just bizarre to me.

    •  Is underprivileged = underrepresented? (0+ / 0-)
      Unlike you, Connerly doesn't equate underprivileged with underrepresented.  He's against discrimination in all its forms, having started out life fighting for equal housing rights benefitting blacks.  He sees affirmative action as being more discrimination.  No, I'm not trolling, and I didn't vote yes on Prop 2.  But I'm just trying to help you "get" him.  

      Should jails be aligned so that more white people and less black people are put away, so that more women and less men are put away, or should they just put away all the crooks regardless of color?   Most people "justice is blind" government, where the damn crooks are put away.  They don't give a hoot about "underrepresented".  Addressing race and sex inequities isn't their goal or function.

      What makes the goals of the universities and other state institutions sufficiently different than jails such that proportional representation should be induced?  Should "diversity" be a goal in and of itself, or should it be a means to a goal?  If the latter, how does inducing diversity  cause the goal to be achieved?  How does favoring   higher-priced minority bidders to do road repair make the roads better?  How does it make our economy better?

  •  Connerly is a nut case (0+ / 0-)

    He gladly accepted endorsement from the KKK and another hate group called the Michigan Conservative Coalition on Saturday, saying anyone who supports equality in this country can join us in this fight. Connerly is an African American, what in the f--- does he have out for minorities.

    That harlot Jenny Gratz got what she wanted, but she is still a failure, she still cannot come to grips that 4600 other students was more qualified than her in getting into UM, now she is going to take it out on everyone

    •  Gratz gripped SCOTUS and the state of Michigan (0+ / 0-)
      She's definitely come to grips with something, squeezed hard, and gotten what she wanted.  She's not afraid to be pimped by someone if it agrees with her views.  She's telegenic, articulate, and Republican.  She voted for DeVos, even though DeVos opposed Prop 2.  Game plan for what she will do next.  Connerly has gone onto other states.  She's gonna be around for a long time.  We don't have any younger Democrats (with the exception of maybe Andy Meisner) who could scrap with her.

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