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We have seen a great victory on the political front in the war to take back America. It is a victory that sets the stage for the 2008 Presidential battle.

Now is an ideal time to open up a second front, actually a whole new theater, in the war to build a new American democracy. Republican zealots are on the run, but the corporations still run amok among us.

The second front is a battle to curb corporate power, reverse the corporate takeover of government, eliminate corporate abuse of the laws and legal system, their employees, the environment and customers.

We need to attack excessive bank fees and all usury. Force insurance companies to promptly pay fair claims. Get corporations out of politics - they do not vote and have No right to free speech. Eliminate the new laws and regulations in the drug, oil and other industries  that give windfall profits to corporations.

Eliminate rigged, no-bid contracts. Get the corporations out of the public service industries such as mercenary soldiers, IRS tax collections, and the takeover of public utilities. We need to aggressively fight corporate monopolies and near monopolies, strengthen worker's rights to a safe working environment and the right to organize into unions.

We need to aggressively attack those businesses and corporations that hire illegal immigrants. That one simple act will essentially eliminate the illegal immigrant problem.

We cannot allow the new front to dilute our war for political control of government. This new front opens new opportunities for and will undoubtedly motivate new activists and give clear direction to many existing activists. A new front means opportunity for massive numbers of new volunteers to join the war to retake America and become active now, not just at election time.

But it needs to be a coordinated,  integral part of the successful war on the political front because so much of this new front in the war will be fought in the halls of Congress and the basements of bureaucracy.

It is the health care industry that fights to control health care in America. It is the financial industry that fights for usury and excessive fees. It is the insurance industry that fights to prevent effective public oversight. It is the oil industry that fights to eliminate pollution controls and demands more monopoly control. It is nearly all corporations that fight to keep hiring illegal immigrants at substandard wages.

It is the oil and chemical companies that deny global warming and fight American efforts at energy independence and effective environmental protection.

We need to directly, decisively attack the worst offending corporations in this country. Start with the defense contractors. Stop fantasy weapon boondoggles and get bullet proof vests and armor for active troops fighting urban battles. Forget star wars and build what we need to put 25,000 troops-a-day into Bosnia or Dufar. Attack the oil companies with everything we can get our hands on (Did you notice gas went up a few cents-a-gallon the day after the election?). Attack the health insurance companies, mining companies, chemical companies, drug companies and private prisons.

We need a new Howard Dean "Fifty State Strategy" to mobilize this new second front in the war to take back America. It is the 50 Industry Strategy.

We need to identify and attack the corporate-owned politicians of both parties. We need to identify and attack the most corrupt corporations. We need new laws to protect and encourage corporate whistle blowers. We need to destroy corrupt lobbyists.

Weapons in the new front include initiatives to do things like allow individuals to charge the same interest rates as banks when they loan money to other people, and force a state to consolidate all local, county and statewide government/public health drug purchases so that "best" prices can be negotiated with drug companies.

The netroots is the new media. We find and expose corruption, abuse, illegal activities. We need task forces to keep stories alive and growing. We need people who will challenge corporate greed and things like the gross misconduct of Exxon Corporation's continued refusal to pay court judgments on the Valdez oil spill.

Fight the zealot corporations with the same zeal we fight the zealot politicians.

This is the second front. We will not just overcome, we will overwhelm. We will build a capitalist economy that serves the public interest and allows everyone a new chance to earn their fair share of the American dream.

Originally posted to MikMouse on Thu Nov 09, 2006 at 10:08 AM PST.


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  •  Hear, Hear. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    CSI Bentonville

    Didn't have  much more to ad, other than you've head the nail on the head, as far as corporate control and corporate malfeascence.

    That would be a good issue for the Democrats to control and frame: Corporates are robbing the working class... no, better yet-- corporations are not people, but they're stealing FROM the people.

    Something like that....

    Sorry America: He's just not that into you.

    by LoneBlackMan on Thu Nov 09, 2006 at 10:31:40 AM PST

  •  Well said, Mik. (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    CSI Bentonville

    We've done this before, starting with the breaking apart of Sun Oil Co and USSteel.  We don't call them 'robber barons' anymore, but maybe we should. Can't help but wonder how many rounds it will take to finally get democratic principles embedded for good and all. It's been such a waste to have gone around this maypole again.
    Somebody! - please come up with an idea for legislation to prevent corporate avarice from becoming an insidious cancer in the body politic ever again.

    Look Out ~ the meek are getting ready!

    by DvCM on Thu Nov 09, 2006 at 11:13:08 AM PST

  •  Amend the Constitution (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    CSI Bentonville

    The only answer that makes sense to me is a Constitutional amendment that specifically bars corporate free speech and political donations. It would also have to prevent corporate political fund raising in the workplace and ban all contributions or financial support for any measure submitted to the voters.

    Basically we have to overturn the court decisions that increasingly recognize corporate "personhood".

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