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In Air America replaced by Fox Sports Radio, it was revealed that ABC Radio had a "blacklist" of companies that actively did not wish to have their advertising aired on Air America Radio.

Please note that there are some entries on this list that are in dispute. REI denies that they ever asked to be kept off AAR, and note that they have placed ads on AAR stations. has also been heard on AAR stations. In addition, several posters have reported that they have in fact heard ads from additional companies on this list
Now, it's a free country, they don't have to advertise on AAR if they don't wish to. But if they actively wish not to advertise on AAR, they obviously do not want our business, and they ought not get it. Here is a link to the blacklist, and will be transcribing the names of the companies, at least the ones I can make out clearly. Some of them are unclear and help reading them would be appreciated.

The companies who have actively requested not to have their ads placed on AAR. I put a question mark by ones that I could not read sufficiently clearly to be certain. Please note that there are some entries on this list that are in dispute. REI denies that they ever asked to be kept off AAR, and note that they have placed ads on AAR stations. has also been heard on AAR stations.

1) Allstate
2) American Heart Association
3) Aventis?
4) Avon
5) Bank of America
6) Bayer
7) BMW Motorcycles
8) Carrier
9) Chattem - Capzasin
10) Chattem - Gold Bond First Aid
11) Chattem - Gold Bond Foot Spray
12) Chattem - Phisoderm
13) Chattem - Selsun Salon
14) Chattem - Ultimate Healing Lotion
15) Cigma
16) Cingular
17) Clorox
18) Coke
19) ?
20) Dean's Morningstar Foods
21) Dell
22) Denny's
23) Discovery Channel
24) (note: advertising has been heard on AAR. It is unclear if the list is correct at this time)
25) Epson
27) Exon Mobil
28) FedEx
29) Farmers Insurance
30) Foot Action
31) Frito-Lay
32) GE
33) Gillette Venus
34) Goodyear
35) Heineken/Amstel Light
36) Hershey's
37) Hewlett Packard
38) Home Depot
39) Hormell
40) Hyatt
41) Interstate Batteries
42) J.C. Penney's
43) Johnson and Johnson
44) Kohl's
45) Kraft Foods
46) Levi's
47) Masterfoods USA
48) McDonald's
49) Marial Frontline
50) MGM
51) Michelin
52) Microsoft
53) Morningstar
54) National Cattleman's Beef
55) Nestle
56) Nissan
57) NYSE
58) Office Depot
59) Outdoor Life Network
60) P&G - Bounty
61) P&G - Charmin
62) P&G - Fabreeze
63) P&G - Iams Dog/Cat foods
64) P&G - Pepto Bismol
65) Paramount
66) Pepsi
67) Phillip Morris
68) Pier 1 Imports
69) Red Lobster
70) Re/Max
71) REI Sporting Goods (Note: REI denies they asked to have their ads kept off AAR, and note that they have placed ads on stations which carry AAR programming.)
72) Rentway
73) Robert Half
74) Schering Plough ESPYs
75) Schering Plough Tinactin
76) Scherwin Williams
77) Sony
78) State Farm
79) Toys 'R Us
81) True Value
82) United Health Care
83) US Navy
84) USPS
85) Visa
86) Walgreens
87) Wal-Mart
88) Welch's
89) Wrigley
90) Wyeth

Additionally, from Jones Radio affadavits: "If you air ANY Air America programming, DO NOT run any Pfizer spots!"

Originally posted to A Citizen on Sat Nov 11, 2006 at 08:12 PM PST.


Will you write to and boycott these companies

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