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This is my first diary here on Dkos and a follow-up to thereisnospoon's diary.  

My DH is currently at FOB Falcon, located in Baghdad.  He is a physical therapist assigned to Falcon's aid station along with a team of other medical professionals and medics.  

As discussed and requested in spoon's diary, he registered with and put up his request list.  His name is CPT Matthew Larson, and his name appears in the November 19th section.  Every piece of mail he gets through this Daily Kos diary will be put out in large his-and-her "grab bag" bins located at the Battalion Aid Station where he and his colleagues treat soldiers.  

The US Postal Service has flat rate boxes to use (make sure to get the ones that say "FLAT RATE" in red ink).  It doesn't matter how much you put in to these boxes, you will only pay $8.10 for priority shipping.  I'm told by my husband that priority shipped packages are getting there between 6-8 days. Don't forget that a completed Customs Form is required too.

If anyone chooses to send a package or letter, He would appreciate it if you could somehow mark the package/envelope with a small "DK" in the lower left hand corner, which will identify it as originating from a Daily Kos reader.  We'd like to keep track of how successful this package push is because we'd like to continue doing this throughout the year+ he and his brigade will probably be in Iraq.  His Battalion Commander has approved this experiment and thinks it's a great idea.

I'd appreciate it if you would recommend this diary to keep it on the front page for an hour or two.  The men and women of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division treat injured and sick soldiers 7 days a week and could use some Daily Kos liberal love for themselves and the soldiers in their care.  

Originally posted to silvercedes on Sun Nov 19, 2006 at 04:26 PM PST.

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