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So here we and back to a lame-duck session. Of course, the Republicans will use this time to attempt to push through all the ugly tripe we will block next year, so we must maintain our vigilance through these next few weeks.

The following action items are all important ones. Please take some time and do what you can.

Women's Issues:

-- If you haven't read righteousbabe's diary, Life Begins with Engine Exhaust, you may not know about Dr. Eric Keroack. Yet another unqualified (think Brownie, Bolton, shall I keep going? I don't want to list them all...I may break the diary limits!) Bush appointment. Dr. Keroack has been appointed as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs. This is a position without a confirmation process, so Bush chose one of the nuttiest of nuts for this one. You can sign NOW's petition to get him fired and read righteousbabe's diary for all the details as to why you should. Frankly, the fact that Bush nominated him ought to be enough at this point...but for you picky folks, the details are there :-)

Holiday-related Issues:

-- From The ONE campaign:

"As you give thanks this holiday season, share the idea of an Oxfam Hunger Banquet with your family and friends. Visit Oxfam’s Fast for a World Harvest site."

-- Need to do some holiday shopping?

Shop Amnesty International
Human Rights Campaign
WWF (adopt a cute penguin!)
Adopt a penguin or other animal from Defenders of Wildlife! (everyone loves penguins...)
Give a membership to the Humane Society of  the United States for the holidays
Buy someone the DFA Night School DVDs for a gift! You can help DFA and help train better activists at the same time!
Give to IFAW and help protect baby harp seals!

Accountability Issues:

-- has a petition for impeachment you can sign. Help them reach 1 million signatures!

-- From ACLU:

"At a recent press conference, President Bush said, "... it is now our duty to put the elections behind us and work together with the Democrats and Independents on the great issues facing this country."  But does he mean it?


Please, call your Members of Congress and ask them to vote "NO" on any bills, including appropriations bills, that rubberstamp the NSA program to spy on Americans without individual warrants or to grant immunity to those who participated in the program."


-- Tell the Senate: Reject Bush's Lame-Duck Re-Nominations

Environmental, Wildlife, & Energy Issues:

-- WWF has put out a report that discusses the impact on the earth. Read that report here. ( is a pdf).

-- Don't let Big Oil harm our oceans!

-- Ask Congress for Money to Protect Ash Trees.

-- Save America's Redrock Wilderness. Tell the Bureau of Land Management not to approve drilling in the White River wilderness until it has fully assessed the potential harm to the region's wildlife and wild lands.

-- From Earthjustice:

"The Rocky Mountains are known for their rugged landscape, rushing rivers, and pristine wildlife. But today the health and beauty of the Rockies are being threatened by rampant oil and gas drilling across the region, from Utah’s canyonlands, to Colorado’s Roadless National Forests, to New Mexico’s rare desert grasslands.

In addition to scarring the landscaping with oil and gas rigs, the Bush administration’s rush to drill has needlessly threatened many species of wildlife and harmed air and water quality in the region. This is particularly troubling given that smart and easy solutions for improving energy efficiency and harnessing renewable power exist that would eliminate the need for more harmful drilling.  

Take action and tell the Bush administration to stop endangering the Rockies through irresponsible oil and gas drilling!"

-- Protect our National Forests.

-- Protect our National Forests.
Rescue Giant Sequoia National Monument.

-- Ask our new House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi ( missed that news? Check the section of the paper where they talk about fashion instead of politics...they seem to care more), to end aid to Oil companies!

End Dolphin slaughter in Japan.

Human Rights Issues:

-- Get involved with Mercy Corps.

-- Sign Just Foreign Policy's petition against a war in Iran.

-- Take Action to protect civilians in Darfur. Also, check to see how your Congresspeople have voted on Darfur here and send them a letter to thank them or scold them!

Other Issues:

-- Not a fan of WalMart? Me either. Send a Season's Greetings Post Card for Change

-- From ASPCA:

"The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) is asking for your help, ASPCA supporters. The UK-based group has launched the “Animals Matter To Me” campaign, which represents the biggest-ever global animal welfare initiative linking the entire animal welfare movement under one strategic goal—global recognition that animals are sentient beings, capable of feeling pain and suffering. As such, WSPA is seeking 10 million signatures to let governments of the world know that we are serious about achieving a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare at the United Nations."

Click here to add your signature!

Lots of Kossacks have good action-related diaries or projects these days. Please check out the following diaries and help out if you can!

-- greenreflex's What We Won, or, DKos Sends Out Its Eyes (which has been updated twice now) details plans to monitor every single Congressional Committee and Subcommittee using Dkosopedia! Whew! What a project! I'm loving this plan! Click on over and help greenreflex out. For an update on where this project is now, check out the more recent diary by annan, Congressional Committees Project ... please join us!

-- orangeclouds115 and a few other Kossacks are responsible for an excellent new project called Recipe For America! If you're concerned about food standards, the farm bill, organic or other food labeling, or anything else food related...get on over there!

-- silvercedes has a diary on the recent list at the moment, ACTION: Send my DH's Army Unit a Carepackage! Hers is a followup to thereisnospoon's diary ACTION: DailyKos Care Packages for the Troops. Check these out and then do what you can to support the troops!

If you’d like to be included in this section in the future, or if you know someone who should be, let me know through an email :-)

This is Crossposted at Street Prophets, Action Alerts, and at Never In Our Names!!

Originally posted to Elise on Sun Nov 19, 2006 at 04:45 PM PST.

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