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Not only for the Troops, especially those suffering the extreme's of PTSD, but for yourselves and this Society, and World, you exist in. At any time one can experiance a tragic enough event to place anyone into the pains of the Mental Disablity of PTSD, you need to keep this Tragedy of PTSD out Front and Center in concious thought. As to Wartime PTSD it needs to be right up at the top of any discussion, or thoughts, along with the Killing, Maiming, Destruction, Cost, and the Always Stated "War As An Absolute Last Resort", which while voiced is rarely followed in modern times.

Many of us are well aware of the tremendous work that is being done, on this Important Subject, by the folks over at ePluribus Media, with their PTSD Timeline and Ilona Meaghers, soon to be available book, Moving A Nation to Care: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and America's Returning Troops and her Website PTSD Combat: Winning The War Within. Ilona picked a Very Apt Title for the book; "Moving A Nation To Care", she could also have added "and A World", as this does not only effect those in this Country. And the biggest sufferers of are the people of the little nations Invaded by the Powerful that one never seems to give heed to!

I've come to be convinced that because of their Dedication to the subject matter, the Want to give this Sensitive subject the Public Knowledge of their Research and the Record of the possible results of actions taken by those that suffer the extreme's of, have been what has brought more of the mainstream media coverage of what can take place as a result of the Tragic Trauma's in War Theaters or to someone caught in their own personal Tragedy causing Extreme Trauma and leading to lifetime suffering of PTSD, and also how they are treated! Using this technology and huge form of communication they have been able to bring their research and dedicated postings right into the homes of tens of thousands as well as to the eyes of those in the media.

With these most recent reports Soldiers Say Army Ignores, Punishes Mental Anguishby Daniel Zwerdling of NPR. With this NPR followup Pentagon Holds Mental Health Treatment Hearingsby by Daniel Zwerdling last week. Or this CBS report Troops With Stress Disorders Fit For Duty? and this from The Mercury News PTSD: A New Generation -- Trauma of War Follows Iraq Veterans Home and a whole list, 4 pages, of reports from ABC News HERE.  These are but a few of the number of reports from a veriaty of media sources on the subject of PTSD, while great to see, There Should Be More, as this needs to become a first thought in the minds of the majority not a small minority and the only way that is to happen is by repeatedly reporting of the cases, military and civilian, or the possibility of a criminal act resulting from the suffering that might have been an important cause!

Many of us Vietnam Vets, suffering from or like myself not suffering from, have been trying to wake up the Public's Concious to this and other results of War to only minor success. PTSD itself is ageold, been around under many differant names and descriptions and never really studied untill it was finally given the label 'Post Traumatic Stress Disorder' well after Vietnam ended. And it still is not completely understood nor researched. Throwing pills at it doesn't solve the problem nor lead to cures, it may only surpress and than not completely successfully in a number of cases.

Many have come around to the understanding that this needs much more research and that it effects not only Military Personal, or Civilians,  in Theaters but anyone experiancing any number of life's possible tragedies.

Listen to this radio interview The Progressive Radio Network-'About Face' with Dennis Stout { click on the 12-16-06 show 'Post Traumatic Stress Disorder', in the left side box } it brings up the show with Ilona and her Guests. I have been Amazed at the wealth of information, and understanding, that Ilona has obsorbed in such a short period of time. Listening to her speaking, in this radio show, and the other 'About Face' Air America - 1480AM KPHX sunday show, one can hear how much she cares about the subject matter and those affected. She shows an understanding, especially about Wartime PTSD, that I have only seen in Counselors who actually served in theaters as they counsel their brothers who suffer from, and she has never experianced the Wartime Theater! Few civilians can understand let alone professional counselors who have never been in the reality but can only relate by what they have learned. For one cannot explain War nor can one Describe completely what goes on in theaters.

Ilona, and the others at ePluribus Media, have taken on something, as others before them, that for the most part is completely foreign to them. Yet like anyone reading this have relatives, past friends or aquitances, neighbors, gone to school with but never really knew, etc. etc. etc., from their past, and will in their futures, who have experianced Traumatic Events, some military but most not, who now have PTSD from those experiences!

Myself, I have Uncles, now gone, who suffered from PTSD or eventually broke down from their normal lives into the disabilities of PTSD, who served in WWII. I have High School friends who completely changed as a result of a tragic event that occurred and were never the same. I Never realized myself what they might have gone through, mentally, untill after serving in Vietnam and coming home to watch my fellow Vets who were broken or breaking!

Veterans have tried to get the Attention of the General Public, not only on PTSD, but like testvet6778 on a number of experimental items active military can be put through, often without their knowledge. WWII Vets have tried to get Attention on the Atomic Vet, Korean Vets on a host of issues, Vietnam Vets on Agent Orange and PTSD, Gulf War Vets, when was the last report anyone has heard about the thousands suffering from 'Gulf War Syndrom', and now we have Afgan and Iraq Vets coming back with PTSD, after not just one tour but multiple tours, some being sent back into Theater with the knowledge they Already Have The Disorder, and what about the Potential Devestation from Depleted Uranium to the Military and the Civilian Populations where used, and once Airborn to the Regions and Planet!

I have a number of questions, I don't seem to be able to answers to nor research on what do these Huge 'Bunker Buster Bombs' to to this Planet when they are Exploded deep inside, deep enough to cause the waves that could be causing the Many Major Earth Quakes that have occurred in or near the regions where they have been used!

All of the below report links were recent reports grabbed from VA Watch Dog which has many other reports on the site, that which you will hear nothing about, or extremely little, from the MSM.


From the New England
Journal of Medicine


Disillusionment with war is an overlooked psychological
liability on the battlefield, experts say - and could lead
to higher rates of PTSD among U.S. soldiers in Iraq.


Analysis of Army's mental health survey.


News from Mental Health Advisory Team III is mixed.
Mental health care was more readily available,
but the suicide rate doubled.


"To improve timeliness in deciding PTSD claims, VBA should assess whether it could systematically utilize an electronic library of historical military records to identify veterans whose PTSD claims can be granted on the basis of information contained in such a library..."


"VA is extending the presumptive period for qualifying chronic disabilities that become manifest to a degree of 10 percent or more through December 31, 2011, to ensure those benefits established by Congress are fairly administered."


"The VA is obligated to choose the diagnostic code that will yield the highest disability rating. In fact, the VA is doing the opposite. They're finding ways to give the lowest rating possible."


The Veterans' Disability Benefits Commission (VDBC) has been effectively emasculated by the election of the 110th Congress. The once-feared "Commission From Hell" has simply become the "Commission To Nowhere."

All of the above report links were recent reports grabbed from VA Watch Dog which has many other reports on the site, that which you will hear nothing about, or extremely little, from the MSM.

People YOU Have to not only Help the Veterans, trying to be heard, but get Actively Involved. For you to can become a victim of, and the Wars are not left in the Theaters they are fought, the Results Costs Societies Greatly for Decades After! And in todays World how many of those we call Enemy or Friendly will Revert their Trauma to Destructive Behavior, Directly Involving The Lives Of Many, we already saw this in Oklahoma here, 9/11 here, and hundreds of incidents around the World!
For 'Terrorism' is a Criminal Act and what Exactly Drives One to Commit these Acts!!

Happy Holidays?

Pyong Hwa
The artwork for this card was designed and donated by Mindy Roth, a senoir Studio Art major at Allegheny College in Meadville Pennsylvania. She is an active member of the Allegheny College Peace Coalition.

Originally posted to jimstaro on Sat Dec 23, 2006 at 10:59 AM PST.

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