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This is a test of the DailyKos Diary-Broadcast System. (DKD-BS)

If this had been an actual diary you would've been instructed how to feel and what to focus on here. Your emotions would've been gripped by daunting words and perhaps a poignant picture.

If this had been an actual diary, you would have been promised that after the fold lies the key to taking your emotion and building upon it to effect change.

If this had been a "breaking diary" almost all the text in this introduction would appear in one of these:

This would be the section of the breaking diary that contained all the actual information and relevancy.

This is a test of the Daily Kos Diary broadcast system. If this had been an actual diary this is where you would have seen the message from the intro repeated. You would have been instructed once again on how to feel and what to think.

If this had been an impeachment diary, there may have been lots of pictures that evoke strong emotions. Afterwards there would have been comments that criticized the pictures.

If this had been a nature diary there also would have been lots of pictures. Or if this was a Dood Abides diary there would be well crafted and witty satire to go with the pictures.

This is a test diary.

If this had been an actual diary there would have been a point of view. In some cases you would have instructed to take action.

If this would have been Nathan Hammersmith's diary you would have read of great literature or important political thought. If this had been clammyc's diary, you would have read of the latest from the war zone, on who's attacking who and why.

If this had been RenaRF's diary you'd be reading a well-written report on a fabulous meetup or perhaps a campaign event in the greater DC area. If this had been an nyceve diary you'd be reading about an important healtcare issue.

If this had been the amazing Avila's diary ("here comes the sun"), you'd be reading important words about human rights and personal dignity.

:: ::

This is a test diary. If this had been an actual diary, this would be the part where you would begin to zone out and possibly stop reading the diary. You would have looked up to check the author name again, and if you liked the author you would rec' the diary.

If this had been an actual diary, the author would have been running out of things to say by now and would've produced another link:

Here would be information that the diarist did not write, but has stolen from an author that the diarist fancies. If this had been an actual diary, the meat and potatoes would all be located here.

Somtimes these sections stretch on for 2 or 3 paragraphs.

Other times they do not.

This is a test diary. If this had been an actual diary the author would most likely have gotten around to a conclusion here. This is where all the lose ends would be tied up. This is where it would all come together.

Or not.

:: ::

This concludes this test of the DailyKos Diary-Broadcast System.

:: ::

Update [2006-12-27 8:41:48 by BentLiberal]: If this had been an actual diary, the diarist would have added something here that she already knew about, but held out on so she could have an update.

Update [2006-12-27 8:41:48 by BentLiberal]: Some commenters have requested a poll. Screw that, there's no poll. You'll have to cast your own opinion without the benefit of consensual validation.

Update [2006-12-27 8:41:48 by BentLiberal]: Si c'aurait avait été un journal intime de Jerome a Paris il aurait été en anglais. (merci a frenchman, grammarien extraordinaire)

Originally posted to Liberal Bent on Wed Dec 27, 2006 at 04:23 AM PST.

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