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Free speech is not free; however it is a sad day when members who contribute as much to this community as Delaware Dem and Armando are silenced because someone does not like what they say. Hell, I usually never agree with the Big A and only 3/4 the time with DD; but they contribute much to the discussion here. They have silenced themselves; but this silence is not for reasons related to violations of community standards; but to self preservation. This is not only sad and scary, it is wrong. That is the ugliness I will get to after the flip.

When did believing in a better world, having a desire to see our country respected around the world, wanting our ELECTED leaders in Washington to work for US become a career limiting move? Yes, an employer has the right to restrict your behavior while representing the company/corporation during sanctioned events; but that should end when you punch, swipe or log-out for the day. I would go as far to say if your off time activites are illegal, that should allow them to reconsider your employment. However, engaging in debates about our democracy and its' direction should not be. I have been employeed by small companies and some very large corporations in my life. I have seen the gagging of liberals/progressive activities without the same restrictions placed on those who believe differently than we do.

Why is ok for a employee to have a W or an anti-Clinton sticker on their car and not have to worry about any repercussions from the community, law enforcement or their employer; but if you have a W with a line through it or a Peace symbol, you do suffer? We, as Liberals have now been lumped with the Klan, Sociopaths and Felons. We are one of the last groups that it is OK to discriminate against. I highly doubt anyone over at LGF, RedState or FreeRepublic has to worry about employer retribution like we do. This is not limited to just work either.

Why can the rabid right wing radio folks spew out their hatred and yet a little old grandma who writes a critical letter about this administration gets a visit from the seceret service? I used to listen to Rush just to hear what that gasbag was spewing and I remember him making some very nasty statements about and what should be done to the First Lady Hilliary Clinton. Why can he drone on and on and on without paying a price and yet we have to hide?

Why when someone like Sen. Feingold shows up here, there is the inevitable comments about getting food tasters and "Please do not fly on any small aircraft". Do you think that kind of talk is necessary when a hard core neocon like Joe Liberman makes a statement on FreeperVille? The answer is NO. It is OK to talk about killing us off, calling us traitors, attacking our livelihoods, shooting out our windows and I for one am extremely pissed off about this.

Why is OK for them, most who have not ever put on the uniform of the United States military, to not have to worry when they clamor for sending more kids to die for a lie, they are supporting the troops and yet those of us who have served and disagree are lily-livered wussies who do not support the troops? Because I do not want another family to lose a loved one for a lie, I should not have the right to earn a living here? Because I do not care about other peoples sex life and I think discriminating against them is wrong, I should not have the right to earn a living here? Because I believe in the constitution, I should not have the right to earn a living here?

So our seat at the table is dependent on us keeping our mouths shut, while our snot nosed, foul mouthed, cro-magnon brothers and sisters can run around and say and do as they please. Though outing someone who wishes to stay anonymous is bad, this is the ugliness that we really need to address.

WTF has become of America???
End Rant

Originally posted to Doggie269 on Fri Feb 02, 2007 at 03:57 PM PST.


Would your outing as a liberal affect your career?

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