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I like it here.  I like LOTS of the diaries.  I like lots of the DIARISTS.  I like the rage-filled ones and the calm ones.  I like calls to action and research and analysis and humor.  I like the community diaries and the meta and most of the comments.

I like almost all of it.

But I was driven to write this one by the comments in OPOL's diary last night

I like OPOL's diaries. You may not.  That's fine.  If you click on an OPOL diary, you know what you're going to get (at least, after the first time, you know). You're gonna get pictures.  You're gonna get rage. You're not going to get detailed analysis.  


If you don't like it, why the F*** would you read it?  Do you get your jollies putting other people down????  

I also like the more analytic diaries.  The ones filled with research and charts and such.  Those are cool too.  If you click on a bonddad diary you know you are going to get sober analysis of economic data with numbers, charts, and stuff.  If you don't want to read that, fine.  DON'T read it.

If you click on a diary that has SNARK in the title, you'll get snark.

If you click on a diary by dood abides, you're likely to get satire (and you may be fooled).  Personally, I don't find them to my taste.  SO????? I don't click on them.  I read a couple when I was new, found that they weren't what I wanted to read, and then.....I STOPPED READING THEM!

I like a lot of the meta diaries - like some of what dmsilev posts, and a lot of what jotter posts.  I find them interesting.  Some people find meta silly.  So, don't read it!  Isn't that easy?  

I really like WYFP and I really like Brothers and Sisters.  Some people don't think these diaries are a good use of space.  I've heard there are some who don't even thing Brothers and Sisters should be here. ain't your site.  PastorDan is not exactly hiding his beliefs under a rock, and if Kos wants him to not post, then Kos can say so.  Me? I'm an atheist and I still read it every week.  And WYFP is just f***ing great!  I really like helping people out when I can, and sometimes (e.g. last week) I come in there with a huge need and get it met. Dang.  That's worthwhile.  Isn't that what LIBERALS do? Help each other?

I really really like it here.  

Have a good day.

Originally posted to plf515 on Sun Feb 04, 2007 at 04:33 AM PST.

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