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There are two kinds of people want us to stay in Iraq:  Republicans and al Qaeda.  

That shrieking sound you hear is Republicans hurling themselves onto the gears of their vaunted media machine, to be ground to gore in a final orgy of self-hatred.  It is the sound of their movement dying.  Americans want an end to Bush's disasterpiece in Iraq, and Republicans are hanging themselves by insisting that it go on forever, calling two thirds of all Americans traitors.  Like the terrorists, it appears that the Republicans also hate us for our freedoms.  Republicans are now hard at work to show America how much they want to help the terrorists and how little they care for American lives.  All their own resources are now turned against them.



For the Republicans, Murtha's alternative to Republican failure must be smothered in its crib before anyone realizes that there is an alternative to Republican failure, never mind that people continue to lose life and limb in the middle of nowhere for nothing.  They don’t matter.  Keeping Republicans in power is all that matters.  

Ending the occupation, as most Americans and Iraqis want, would leave Republicans with the blame they so richly deserve for misleading us into a war where they didn't have a plan.  Therefore, either the Republicans continue their failure in Iraq or they will fail to hold on to power here at home.  Other people's children are a small price to pay for continuing Republican power.  They have to pretend that the debate is treason, never mind that they don't even believe it themselves.

This is why Robert Novak is making up more bullshit about Lincoln, The Beltway Boys are claiming that Murtha’s bill does the opposite of what it actually does because they know their audience is stupid, the pasty effete freaks at Investor's Business Daily will laughably claim that everything was going fine until Murtha came along and that doing the opposite of what al Qaeda wants is the same thing as doing what al Qaeda wants, The Journal Edition Report will criminalize competence in order to enable Bush’s incompetence, and former Republican speech writer Brit Hume will pull a George Will and say that Murtha is crazy.

As the last six years have shown, Republicans can’t run a country.  All they can run is a smear campaign.  

Republicans have to pretend that the "war" is still win-able even though the occupation is a manifest failure.  This way the Republicans' failure in Iraq can be blamed on the Democrat who will inevitably take the White House in 2008.  The Republicans aren't counting on holding onto the presidency.  It is much more resource-efficient and useful in the long term for the Republicans to  booby-trap the Oval Office instead.   They have already lit the fuse on the biggest disaster in American foreign policy history, and now they have to get out of the White House before it goes off.  

Therefore I will say this very clearly:  the Republicans are cooperating with the terrorists.  For al Qaeda, the occupation of Iraq is a success of their strategy against the US, so naturally they want it to continue.  For Republicans, the occupation of Iraq has been an unmitigated failure, but they're willing to help al Qaeda if it helps them hurt the Democrats.  Because elites have no country, the Republicans are willing to stand with the enemy of ours.

So let your contempt for those in uniform flow from every orifice of your mighty Wurlitzer, O Republicans.  Let everyone know how you will send soldiers to die and be maimed for lack of an objective and for lack of armor.  Let every American see how you treat them when they come back.  Let history record that you set your casual attitude toward the slaughter of your countrymen as the measure of all patriotism.  Let's see those vaunted values of yours.  Show us why the shrivelled member of the Republican party has retracted into the Deep South and cannot penetrate anywhere else.  Let America vomit up your remains and experience true relief for the first time in four long years.  

After all you've spent to make it this far, only to have George W. Bush waste it for you, after all we have suffered at your hands, this is the way I want to remember you.  

Originally posted to Grand Moff Texan on Mon Feb 19, 2007 at 10:20 AM PST.

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