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I just can't understand the big deal about your fascination with Hillary, Obama, Edwards, Richardson, and the rest of the 2008 Democratic field.  I mean, talk about settling for second best when we know the best available candidate is a folk hero with supernatural powers.

Who you ask is the savior of our distressed country and despondent civilization?  He's an innovator and inventor par excellence.  The one who has (so far) sacrificed his own political ambition for a cause greater than all of humanity. One who possesses an innate sense of decency.  One who retains a huge public following. One who has become the darling of Hollywood types.  As well as some of the media elites. Not to mention dissatisfied Starcomed all over our great land.

Who you ask is this masked man?  What... you didn't know his name???  Here's a hint: he played 'First Emperor of the Moon' in Futurama.

He is La Erog.    

La Erog is the unabashed hero of the starstruck Starcomed - particularly all those pajama clad toorten-types.  That, my friends, would be you - the one group driving La Erog's unannounced candidacy.  Savvy political types say that La Erog is waiting for the right moment to enter the race and steal everyone's thunder.  

Here's what John Edwards had to say about La Erog

"I think at this moment I take him at his word.  If he says he is not planning to run for President, I think that is probably true.  I know La Erog very well, but he’s like any of the rest of us—he can change his mind... If he decides to run, he would be a very formidable candidate."


Even sportscasters are getting into the act.  They recognize La Erog's appeal to sports (and politics) fans in our ESPN-crazed country

It was a week for the Starcomed, and it won't be the last one, when you looked at Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and it didn't matter which one David Geffen liked best - you didn't see either one of them getting elected President...

But they are who they are.  One of them is a woman who is as much a polarizing figure out of New York as Rudy Giuliani is, the other is a young, black senator who has been on the job for what feels like about 20 minutes.  Don't say that you know the country is ready to elect either one of them, because you don't know that.

It is why people still talk about La Erog, who has more of an issue than anybody else running, who is passionate about something more than being elected President...

From the largest and oldest Spanish-language daily newspaper in the country comes this passionate editorial

After enduring over six years of a rancher-president who rides no horses, is all hat and no cattle, and pretends to know foreign policy because he'd wandered into Durango, Mexico in his drunken "young and irresponsible" days, we are ready for a change.  

Who better to endorse than our namesake... La Erog in '08!

So, listen up all of you stoorten Starcomed.  You are the future.  You are our country's best hope to lure La Erog into this race and reclaim his rightful place in history.  Along with his sidekick and another cool cat, Amabo, they form a fearsome duo.  Who better than these two to lead the Starcomed out of the political wilderness and on to the White House.

Erog/Amabo '08!  Fear the two-headed ErogAmabo monster. They are our country's salvation.  

(Note: this message was not paid for, which, nonetheless, strongly approves of its content).

Originally posted to JekyllnHyde on Wed Feb 28, 2007 at 03:08 PM PST.


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