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Over at Huffington Post, Lawrence O'Donnell is asking the readers there to quit hating Tim Russert, because of Tim's role in the Libby conviction. In his post today titled "Russert Convicted Libby" he indicates that Russert was the only witness mentioned by Fitz in his press conference today.  If you feel like "So the Fuck What" about Tim's role follow below...

I like lawrence O'Donnell generally but was blown away by his post at Huffington.

Here is Lawrence admonishing us to let Timmy off the hook:

Russert was the only prosecution witness Fitzgerald mentioned in his victory press conference.

Sure, the indictment included counts not related to Russert's testimony, but Fitzgerald never would have brought those counts without Russert as the linchpin of the indictment. An indictment with Matt Cooper as the star witness would have left too much reasonable doubt for a jury, and Fitzgerald knew that.

We owe nothing to Tim Russert, for he owes so very much more to us.  The ledger of societal debt is huge for Timmy of Buffalo New York.  He has softballed this administration to the point that in sworn testimony in the Libby trial it was revealed that Cheney's press people felt that Meet the Press was safe venue for not being challenged by the facts.  Tim you gawdawful facilitator!

Tim Russert helped create the environment that made lying to the Grand Jury and Federal Investigators possible.  And for this we are to be grateful for a conviction?  WRONG Lawrence!  Tim had a duty to tell the truth and not continue to be a tool for the Bush/Cheney agenda.  He had a duty as a citizen to tell the truth and if theat meant a conviction, then we can thank the government lawyers for protecting our societal interest of justice - not Tim Russert.

If Lawrence O'Donnell is right and we owe Tim appreciation, then he is acknowleging that it was the option of Tim Russert to lie - to commit perjury and get Libby off the hook.  Following this misbegotten logic means that we must now be appreciative for Tim doing the legally required thing - tell the truth.  Give me a fucking break!

It is this thinking that is completely ingrained in the MSM.  Honesty is optional, because we never investigate the assertions to ascertain the truth of the claims.  It makes for easier reporting, readily available guests willing to tell all, without challenge of course and a continuing TV gig that pays millions.

Perhaps we will see Tim Russert with Libby and Cheney as guests in the very near future on MTP wherein Tim apologizes so completely to these sad vistims of justice.

Tim Russert was not a tool for the prosecution and justice.  

Tim Russert is just a tool.

Originally posted to Brother Dave on Tue Mar 06, 2007 at 03:01 PM PST.


Tim Russertshould be thank for his role in the conviction of Scooter Libby.

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