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The following statistics were taken from the 2002 Annual Report of the
U.S. Export – Import (EXIM) Bank, an agency of the U.S. Treasury.

Loans and Long-Term Guarantees

06/05/02Boeing$  9.5 millionAlgeria
01/31/02Boeing$567 millionAustralia
05/31/02Boeing$202 millionAustria
10/18/01ABB Lummus (oil)$ 24 million @ 5.5%Brazil
3/28/02Wellstream (oil)$  8.7 millionBrazil
9/30/02Boeing$477 millionCanada
9/12/02Boeing$130 millionChina
10/18/01Swiftships$ 22 millionDominican Rep.
11/8/01Maya Enterprises$ 30 millionDominican Rep.
12/27/01Hexaport Intl.$100 millionDominican Rep.
2/14/02EMB Group$ 24 millionDominican Rep.
2/14/02Caterpillar$ 25 millionDominican Rep.
4/30/02Carimex$ 44 millionDominican Rep.
4/30/02Child Safe Products$ 54 millionDominican Rep.
4/30/02Carimex$ 15 millionDominican Rep.
4/30/02Maya Enterprises$ 13 millionDominican Rep.
4/30/02Maya Enterprises$ 13 millionDominican Rep.
6/20/02Biwater USA$ 70 millionDominican Rep.
6/20/02Biwater USA$ 84 millionDominican Rep.
7/3/02Mayhey Bridge$113 millionDominican Rep.
7/12/02Calmaquip Eng.$ 71 millionDominican Rep.
11/15/01Ship Analytics$ 54 millionIndonesia
6/13/02IBM$  7 millionIndonesia
11/29/01Boeing$221 millionIreland
5/31/02Boeing$102 millionIsrael
1/4/02Boeing $  8 millionKorea
6/20/02Boeing$ 93 millionKorea
9/12/02Boeing$402 millionKorea
8/15/02Boeing$113 millionLuxemborg
5/31/02Boeing$616 millionMalaysia
4/25/02Seimens Westinghse$ 97 millionMexico
7/25/02General Electric$ 31 millionMexico
8/1/02Motorola$ 83 millionMexico
8/8/02General Electric$210 million @ 5.6%Mexico
8/22/02Paper Converting$ 15 millionMexico
8/29/02General Electric$ 73 millionMexico
9/30/02Haliburton (oil)$200 millionMexico
9/30/02Kellogg, Brown&Root$300 millionMexico
3/21/02Boeing$ 36 millionMorocco
9/30/02General Electric$135 millionNigeria
5/31/02Boeing$113 millionPanama
5/31/02Harris$ 84 millionRomania
2/28/02Energy Smart$ 15 millionRussia
2/28/02Space Systems$184 millionThailand
9/30/02Boeing$241 millionThailand
10/4/01GE International$ 21 millionTurkey
10/11/01GE Packaged Power$ 31 millionTurkey
12/27/01MD Helicopters$ 22 millionTurkey
3/21/02Boeing$ 68 millionTurkey
9/5/01General Electric$ 84 millionTurkey
5/9/02Case Corp.$ 15 millionUzbekistan
10/11/01Harza Engineering$ 45 millionVenezuella
12/27/01Siemens Trans.$ 28 millionVenezuella
12/27/01Siemens Trans.$ 26 millionVenezuella
2/15/02ATN Industries$ 16 millionVenezuella
6/20/02GE Power Systems$ 87 millionVenezuella
5/15/02Private Export$ 85 million

TOTAL 2002 $6.1 Billion

All of these companies were laying off American citizens in the aftermath of 9/11 and the stock market crash of 2001.

Boeing had just layed off 34,000.  General Electric CEO Jack Welch boasted of its administrative prowess in market share and profits after laying off 100,000 Americans.  Siemens is a German company and we are loaning them money.  Caterpillar busy replacing citizens with H-1B visa guest workers.

Meanwhile, the Rust Belt continues to bleed industries in the name of NAFTA and "Free Trade".

Of course, the oil companies need money.

Hard to compete with Uncle Sam paying the bills.  Level Playing Field MY ASS!

Originally posted to danarothrock on Mon Mar 19, 2007 at 07:25 AM PDT.

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  •  But that's different (0+ / 0-)

    Under the Clinton administration, the Export - Import bank approved plenty of deals for huge corporations.

    Now that Democrats approve their funding, I'm sure that lots of jobs in Democratic districts are going to be created by deals funded by the Export - Import bank.

  •  A link to the report . . . (0+ / 0-)

    and a bit more info about just what these numbers mean would be useful to folks like me.

    Don't ask me nothin' 'bout nothin'; I just might tell you the truth -- Bob Dylan

    by ponderer on Mon Mar 19, 2007 at 08:02:27 AM PDT

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