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BushCo are taking over our country, I think most agree that he is seizing power and changing the face of American Politics and the American Government.  But do you know what he is doing Agency by Agency?

An Example of this is the Homeland Defense Organization.  The current administration rolled everything they could under one Political Appointee. Rendering all of those agencies powerless to complete their jobs, without BushCo and Rove offering their Approval.  Defense, Justice, CIA, NSA, Energy, FEMA, State, Energy, Transportation, Health and Human Services, Nuclear Regulatory, EPA, HUD, Interior, Labor, VA, and Department of Agriculture.  
And the whole gament of Independent Agencies & Establishments.

Our Homeland Defense Agency covers everything from Civil Rights to Nuclear weapons.  

And that scenario of Appointees at the helm is repeated Agency to Agency, there are more political appointees in the government right now than any previous president.

UPDATE in the Body of the Post

Since 2000, the Administration has added 564 white political appointees and reduced the number of minority political appointees by 273, representing a 50% decline in the proportion of minority political appointees serving in the federal government. In 2000, 26% of political appointees were minorities. By 2005, the proportion was just 13%. And as a proportion of all political appointees, female appointees have declined from 45% of political appointees to 36% over the same period.

So what does this really mean to our government, well it has changed the way we take bids, award money, who we fire, who we elect, and unfortunately, who in the they can destroy or harm and get away with it.  Soon there shall be no America Just some bastardized Version of the NPAC New America.

Since 2000, the Administration has added 564 white political appointees and reduced the number of minority political appointees by 273, representing a 50% decline in the proportion of minority political appointees serving in the federal government. In 2000, 26% of political appointees were minorities. By 2005, the proportion was just 13%. And as a proportion of all political appointees, female appointees have declined from 45% of political appointees to 36% over the same period.

For Example:

To get a Government Contract there is paperwork to complete on the front end.  Forms that need completion are; on who you and the company are, where you do business, and why you are the right person to do the job. You get an ID number for completing this set of forms.

See FAR Regulations You should find a few words on NO bribes....

once you have your ID you sign up for Web site notifications of RFQ (requests for quote) or RFI (request for Information)

You receive the RFP/I and write the answers question by question, and return it for review.

Do you see how long and complicated that is, for most Gov Contractors, this is the case.

But for one, a Company Called MZM, not so.  All it took was a Bribe:
Carol Lam was investigating this and other Defense Contractor Bribe Schemes.

The smoking gun tying Carol Lam’s firing to the Duke Cunningham case seemed to be contained in an email from Kyle Sampson:

The U.S. attorney in San Diego notified the Justice Department of search warrants in a Republican bribery scandal last May 10, one day before the attorney general’s chief of staff warned the White House of a "real problem" with her, a Democratic senator said yesterday.

The prosecutor, Carol S. Lam, was dismissed seven months later as part of an effort by the Justice Department and the White House to fire eight U.S. attorneys.

UPDATE:  I was let go one week after Carol, I was a Defense Contractor Whislteblower.  Now I am an unemploye, well just unemlployed.

This is the story of the warpath of dollars that leads all the way to the White House.

So who is MZM?  How did they go from a 2 week contract from teh White HOuse for 140K to a 250 Million Blanket Purchase Order?

– Wade’s company MZM Inc. received its first federal contract from the White House. The contract, which ran from July 15 to August 15, 2002, stipulated that Wade be paid $140,000 to "provide office furniture and computers for Vice President Dick Cheney."

– Two weeks later, on August 30, 2002, Wade purchased a yacht for $140,000 for Duke Cunningham. The boat’s name was later changed to the "Duke-Stir." Said one party to the sale: "I knew then that somebody was going to go to jail for that...Duke looked at the boat, and Wade bought it — all in one day. Then they got on the boat and floated away."

Now everyone noticed this rapid rise to MZM, and it's connections to GPR Representative "Duke" Cunningham, but the Democrats in California did, and they acted, May 2005:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said in a television appearance yesterday that Lam "sent a notice to the Justice Department saying that there would be two search warrants" in a criminal investigation of defense contractor Brent R. Wilkes and Kyle "Dusty" Foggo, who had just quit as the CIA’s top administrator amid questions about his ties to disgraced former GOP congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

The next day, May 11, D. Kyle Sampson, then chief of staff to Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, sent an e-mail message to William Kelley in the White House counsel’s office saying that Lam should be removed as quickly as possible, according to documents turned over to Congress last week.

"Please call me at your convenience to discuss the following," Sampson wrote, referring to "[t]he real problem we have right now with Carol Lam that leads me to conclude that we should have someone ready to be nominated on 11/18, the day her 4-year term expires."

The prosecutor, Carol S. Lam, was dismissed seven months later as part of an effort by the Justice Department and the White House to fire eight U.S. attorneys.

In order to save their skin, and stall the investigation, MZM Was bought out by VERITAS.  Connection?  VERITAS is the almost exclusive back up software for ALL of the government Agencies.  

In conclusion, to tie all of this together:

The First real coup:  In an op-ed entitled "Terrorized by ‘War on Terror’: How a Three-Word Mantra Has Undermined America", Mr. Brzezinski writes

The Second Real Coup was the Creation of Homeland Defense
The Third, commandeering the Army to Iraq, so the American People have NO one to defend them

The fourth coup was the ability of the white House to Circumvent the Policies in the GSA, to get contracts to their friends.  Rendering this country in the hands of Robber Barons, or the Beltway Bandits as we are called in the DC Area.

And the fifth. The "Restructuring" Of the Face on the AG's Office. (no link, we all know where they are at)

And we the American People?  well no one is impeached yet.  

No one is in jail for these acts of treason.  

And the Senate and House are just watching, with there hands out for Campaign and Bribe Money.  Note I did not discriminate republican to democrat, I believe there is serious corruption on both sides of the aisle.  And I think, most of the corruption surrounds the Senators and Representatives need to Raise Millions of dollars to keep their jobs.

Btu the way BushCo is going, if he starts with Iran, none of this will be a worry. Declare a state of Emergency, Chertoff rules all the agencies and gets power over everything and everyone in the country, and no elections, no senators no representatives to worry about anymore

Originally posted to one pissed off democrat on Sun Apr 01, 2007 at 02:47 AM PDT.

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  •  Tips and Sophamores (11+ / 0-)

    Hopefully this will not draw all the Grammar Police people, but comments as always are welcomed.

    this is too important to focus on how I write, the appointees are running the country, Carol Lam knew that

    •  great diary and boy did I get scared (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      irate, chesapeake, Owllwoman

      I have been up all night writing a diary on a different Bush Power Gtab and thought you beat me to it. This man is scarey what are we going to do
      good night

      •  MIRV'ed - Their Strategy All Along (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        Been Saying it for years,  They KNOW they can get away with ALMOST all of the S*it they're pulling.

        The American people have been MIRV'ed for years - we can only shoot down a bare fraction of their Incoming Corruption.

        • because the strategy has been to let Corruption permeate the Entire government - even a completely vigilant and outraged Congress - could invest the time to uncover and shine a spotlight - on only a nano - of all they've done - it's just Mind Boggling.....

        But they've been doing this - since Prescott - so they're very GOOD at it - Don't be fooled - They're NOT Incompetent - thye just prefer to appear that way - Nothing happens by accident in politics...

        Blind loyalty to self-defeating strategies is equally destructive as working for your enemy.

        by Hiroprotag on Sun Apr 01, 2007 at 08:16:31 AM PDT

        [ Parent ]

  •  Destroying the independence of the civil (4+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    irate, KenBee, chesapeake, Owllwoman

    service is one of the most important things W has done.  The way I remember Civics class from HS, the independence of the civil service was one of the most important factors in making government more responsive to the people and less arbitrary and in making governance less partisan.

  •  And it all goes back to the PNAC (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    KenBee, chesapeake

    as was planned in the begining. This was their plan and they have carried it out well. I just hope that there are People in our Gov. that believe this is wrong and I pray we win in 08. This may be one of the most important elections in our History. If it goes to the repubs, our Democracy is dead. Then we the People will have to decide how much blood we are willing to shed to get our Country back.

    "Though the Mills of the Gods grind slowly,Yet they grind exceeding small."

    by Owllwoman on Sun Apr 01, 2007 at 05:11:04 AM PDT

    •  the workers are resigned (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      and just follow orders,

      •  I think that's unfair. (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        Some are speaking up and exposing the cult of personality.  What we risk is that, like the Soviet Union where the cult of personality mandated induction into the communist party, the operations managed by the "Loyal Bushies" are going to collapse.  The question is whether we are going to get to work and fix it.
        None of them expected the Waxman Inquisition.

        You should watch the interrogation of Lurita Doan, head of the GSA.  Actually, you should watch her opening statement and Mica's introduction.

        These people exist in a world unto itself in which the main criterion for success of any kind is subservience.  These are people who reject free will and for whom "choice" of any kind is a negative.  There's actually a simple explanation for their behavior.  Following orders is a prescription for absolute success.  There is no possibility of failure when one follows orders because subservience is the only measure.  Not only that; there's no possibility of being wrong.

        Obedience is freedom--from accountability and responsibility.  What a boon!!!!

        I think we can be pretty certain that their world will collapse, unless the laws of nature are all wrong.  The good thing is that they will hardly notice.  Having done the right thing (being obedient to their leader) can't be taken away from them.
        It's a distressing time for Republicans who make choices and think for themselves.  Be kind.

  •  Shadow Government (3+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Hiroprotag, KenBee, Owllwoman

    Now the truth is beginning to emerge about "smaller government." The so-called smaller government, which never did emerge even on the government payrolls, is only a small part of the government, which now includes a huge array of contractors, including a mercenary army. There are about as many "contractors" in Iraq as troops. A recent article described how the government's "brain" has also been transferred to the private sector through contracting out even every high level function that used to be performed by career government personnel, who are leaving in droves.

    The effect of "privatizing" the government has created a huge opportunity for patronage -- read opportunity for the ruling elite to institutionalize "waste, fraud and abuse" without oversight or regulation by Congress and reward their big donors with plum contracts. The real problem with it is that it creates an centralized command power structure under political control to be used by the unitary executive as The Decider.

    Scary. Congress really needs to put an end to the end run before it's too late -- which it may already be.

    Live unity, celebrate diversity.

    by tjfxh on Sun Apr 01, 2007 at 05:27:54 AM PDT

  •  My Father, the bartender.... (0+ / 0-)

    I was looking for a diary to post my "out of the box" thoughts.  Rags taught me how to call "bullshit" on flaky people...

    Just how much have the "warlords" made on this script played on the Iraqi people? (Too bad the actors really have to die...ours as well...) I mean, what are the movie proceeds going to the Mayflower Mafia?  The opening year brought in 100 billion dollars...How much was not paid directly for the troops and ammunition?

    Oy, what's a Dem to do?

    by rosabw on Sun Apr 01, 2007 at 07:10:37 AM PDT

  •  If the Bush cabal get it the way they want it, (0+ / 0-)

    we won't pay any taxes, but pay more in profits to their friends.  Those profits won't do much for this country, but will be used to take even more away from the rest of us.

    Right now, we are paying for privatization of the military and most government programs.  We are paying more and getting less.  They would rather it didn't go into taxes before profits are made.  They would rather eliminate government, they like to eliminate the middle men.  Once they accomplish their goal they will maybe move to Paraguay or Saudi Arabia.

    Just a theory.

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