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Orginal title: You Fuck, You Die


Well... THAT was interesting. I'll be paying for my abominable reaction to the title change for months to come, no doubt -- and oh, the field day my detractors have had with it. My own fault. i stand by my original title and assertion that if Markos wants to ban profanity in titles, he ought to write the rules to reflect that. Nevertheless, everything I said and did after the title change -- utterly abominable and thoroughly embarrassing. I'd plead insanity, but that ship has sailed.

It was the day that changed everything

5 Supreme Court Justices, not one of the possessed of a uterus, cervix, vagina or medical degree among them, have seen fit to pass a death sentence on any woman whose late term pregnancy threatens her life and necessitates a safe procedure to end it.</div>

It hardly seems suitable to say "I told you so," but what the hell...


I, and millions of women and men not blinded by craven obeisance to political "propriety" and the fear of losing a seat of dubious power.

So, to the Alito Nineteen, a collective of putrescent, cowering, rotted remnants of what MIGHT once have been decent human beings, now merely another set of cowards in Democrats's clothing, we say to you, Thanks for killing us.

Make no mistake, that is EXACTLY what the federal ban on late-term abortions is: a death sentence upon any woman whose life depends on a safe medical procedure to end an unviable pregnancy.

I'll say it again:

5 Supreme Court Justices, not one of the possessed of a uterus, cervix, vagina or medical degree among them, have seen fit to pass a death sentence on any woman whose late term pregnancy threatens her life and necessitates a safe procedure to end it.

I shake with rage and sorrow for every woman in this country who now must fear every step of those last few months of a pregnancy, not only for the health of a baby whose arrival she awaits, but now as well for her own health and life, lest anything go awry with that pregnancy, leaving her with NO choice but to carry the pregnancy to term, be the fetus alive or barely, viable or no.

Of course, there is a way to avoid all this messiness, young ladies -- just don't have sex.

Abstinence -- yeah, that's the solution. Except, of course, we're not really talking about preventing abortions, here, are we?

What those 5 MEN on the Supreme Court have done is not to prevent abortions or premarital sex, not to dissuade such things from happening nor to make illegal anything related to them -- except, of course, should the situation arise in which the sex a woman has had results in a late-term pregnancy that needs to be terminated for her health or to save her life.

No, the perverse sonsofbitches and their Congressional co-conspirators have merely made it illegal for a doctor to treat properly and safely a patient whose pregnancy, taken so long to term that it is obviously a WANTED pregnancy, has become a danger to her.

To what end?

My dear friend shanikka, an attorney and thus far better equipped to translate the language of the Supreme Court decision (pdf), has this to say about it:

Some of the language in the majority opinion is fucking scary. The Scalia/Alito majority are not even trying to hide it:  this is about upholding their neanderthal patriarchal views on not only the concept of pregnancy, but on what women are supposed to think and feel about their biological role as potential mothers period (count the number of times some variant of the phrase "a woman feels" or "women feel" appears in Kennedy's majority opinion if you really want to be scared) and the duty of the state to make sure that they are "protected" from those who might act based on feelings inconsistent with that biologically-defined role as joyous vessels of potential human life.

As if any of the five dick-swinging cosigners onto the majority opinion can ever say what women collectively feel.  They haven't even pretended to be dispassionately applying law to the factual record below - indeed, as Ginsberg points out, they've largely ignored it and their own precedential language in Casey and Sternberg to boot.  All because of what they admit early on is concern about the "morality" of it all.

I referred to it above, but in case anyone has any doubt as to what those 5 men on the Supreme Court have done, what medical procedure they have now outlawed, the fact that it is, in fact, an actual MEDICAL PROCEDURE, performed rarely and virtually ALWAYS when only absolutely necessary, here is a link to an essay I wrote about the procedure itself:

Abortion: Intact Dilation & Extraction

That is the procedure's true name, by the way; if anyone reading this doesn't already know this, that grotesque mockery of a nickname for it, "partial birth abortion" is a complete misnomer, an utter fabrication designed SOLELY to persuade the ignorant that the procedure is some barbaric act wherein a live baby is brought screaming into the world and killed before its mother's eyes. Complete horseshit; the vast majority of fetuses terminated by intact dilation and extraction are so lacking inviability that breathing, let alone screaming, is an impossibility. But don't take my word for it: PLEASE, do the reading, do the research yourtself, instead of taking the word of the lying liars whose sole aim seems to be to cast us all back to the days of back-alley abortions and punishing women for having sex -- or, put more simply, for being born female.

Make no mistake... if they have their way, that is what will happen. And then, then we will be seeing a lot more of this:

Originally posted to My Left Wing on Wed Apr 18, 2007 at 12:19 PM PDT.

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