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Thanks to Talking Points Memo for the heads up. Barack Obama comes with a great frame (which I hope he repeats tonight) with respect to putting the pressure (and responsibility) on Bush, should he decide to veto this bill. More below.

Edit to add: Wow, Rec'd! Thanks all! Although of course I think this outstanding quote and frame should get wide visibility and I hope Obama, as I said below, uses it often.

TPM has some reactions from the presidential candidates on the supplemental bill which puts timelines for withdrawl of the troops. IMO, Barack Obama has knocked it out of the park with this great one-line quote which he will be able to use again and again.

"We are one signature away from ending the Iraq War. President Bush must listen to the will of the American people and sign this bill so that our troops can come home."...

"All of us have been touched by the heroic sacrifices troops have made in service to our country. With the stroke of a pen, President Bush can bring them home to the families who love them and to a country ready to give honor them for their service."

Use that quote again and again Sen. Obama. The frame is absolutely perfect for you to use. This should be the first sentence out of your mouth tonight at the debate. Believe me, the mileage you will get out of it will be great.

Quick edit: Thanks to Mardish below who points out that this quote works just as well if Dubya does in fact use his veto:

It is just as powerful after the veto: "We were one signature from ending the Iraq War."

Just another reason why this frame need to get as much usage as possible.

Epilogue: Oh, this is excellent. Go to Barack's website. This quote is front and center. EXCELLENT!

Originally posted to turneresq on Thu Apr 26, 2007 at 11:24 AM PDT.

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