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Over four years ago President Bush misled our country into a bloody and costly occupation of Iraq.  Four years later, you have the power to end it.

For four years those of us in the progressive movement, in Congress, online, and in the streets, have stood firm in our opposition to the President’s failed occupation.  We have been called traitors; we have been accused of not supporting the troops; and some have even questioned our patriotism.  But four years later our voices have now become part of the mainstream position held by the majority of Americans.

And most importantly, today, we have the power to bring our troops home.

This afternoon the Congress will vote on H.R. 2237, a bill, which would ensure that the only money this Congress approves for Iraq would be used to fully-fund the safe and orderly withdrawal of our soldiers.  The Progressive Caucus has been working for months to advance such a bill, both behind the scenes, and in the open. Finally, today, we have our opportunity.  Back in February we even made it part of our official platform.

So please, stop whatever you are doing, take two minutes, and call your Representative right away.  Tell them to support a fully funded withdrawal of our soldiers from Iraq, and to vote for H.R. 2237.

We must fully-fund the withdrawal

We must fully fund the reconstruction

But we cannot fund this President’s occupation any longer.


Originally posted to Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey on Thu May 10, 2007 at 10:40 AM PDT.

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