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In a few short days all them Congresscritters will be dispersing to the winds for the Memorial Day recess. Many, if not most, will take varying amounts of that time to get in touch with the people who sent them to Babylon-on-the-Potomac. As this holiday is dedicated to the memory of the brave soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who have died for this country, lots of the critters will use this time to do some demagoguery over the "need to support the troops."

Sounds like an opportunity for a little reframing, hmmmm?

Politely, but persistantly and repeatedly, ask 101 versions, no make that 535 versions of:

"Are you going to support the troops or the president?"

There are undoubtedly thousands of variations on this question, and I think they all need to be asked. If they are asked enough times, maybe a couple of Congresscritters will even give us an honest answer. Shoot, there is even an outside chance that a beltway media type may hear it often enough to repeat it. But first things first. We need to ask the next question ...

Is sending unprepared and ill-equipped soldiers to a war zone as the president is doing supporting the troops?

Is opposing higher pay for soldiers and their families as the White House is doing supporting the troops?

Do you consider extending tours of duty as the pentagon has been force to do to support the president's latest scheme to be supporting the troops?

Is shipping wounded solders back to war zone to maintain the illusion of fully staffed units as has been done by this administration your idea of supporting the troops?

Is throwing money and lives at an ill conceived war with no definite goals or objectives like the one created by this president to be supporting the troops?

I am sure the mighty Kossask Empire can improve on my feeble attempts. I invite you to add your own version in the comments. U.S.Aians, find out where your Congresscritter is going to be for the holiday and let's have us a round up! YEEHAW!

Originally posted to writerofag on Thu May 24, 2007 at 02:08 PM PDT.


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