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So what exactly prompted Reid, Pelosi et al to back down? Eternal War.

As Naomi Klein points out, we are now prisoners to an economic and political system which depends on perpetual war.  But is anyone answering the question  or asking the question "WHY can't anyone stop this regime?"

Some thoughts:

  1. Our politicians are funded by lobbyists who are invested in ongoing war
  1. The US must maintain its hold in Iraq until we are guaranteed (our oil companies) control of Iraqi oil
  1. US is surging troops (and there are some reports up to nearly 200,000 by end year) to prepare for Iran invasion
  1. President et al are feeding dis-information to Congress re Iraq, Iran.
  1. News of Iran being much closer to develping nuclear major incentive (altough even this info was spinned somewhat)
  1. Bush & Co. are committed to Clash of Civilizations and have so successfully seeded civil wars, coups, massive cognitive dissonance, media control and Wall Street backing the Dems are powerless ... its just too late. Wolfowitz Cabal http://www.informationclearinghouse....
  1. The Dems are really on the same page.

Somehow, once again, on the back burner until after a holiday: the vote on no support for Gonzales, the subpoena of Rove, the movement to relieve Bush of his war powers, discussion of the executive order establishing Bush as sole source of control in a state of emergency (and the freedom to determine what constitutes a state of emergency) ...

And talk of impeachment has faded from news cycles...  deflected by tying up Congress with the immigration bill which miraculously appeared ready for vote (even though not yet written) over the past weekend....

My fear? There will never be an 08 election. The group will never give up control. We are blind to the fact that this is not just about BUSH's admnistration. This as many of us now has been in the works for ... what 30 years... (Strauss, Rockefeller & Trilateral Commission, Zbrinksi (sp) & Huntington ...

My theory? The US got exactly what it wanted in Iraq; a civil war. This has always been the strategy: divide and conquer.

1 America: Red/Blue, Gay/Straight/Prolife/ProChoice, Evangelical, Fundamentalist/LIBERAL...

and after the fall of the Soviets (actually even before) support, empower, enhance fundamental islam:

  1. Afghanistan where we stirred up dissent to draw Russia in, funded fundamentalists against each other prior to Taliban, supported Taliban ... 3.occupied territories where we are fomenting war between Hamas and Fatah; 4. Lebanon, through civil war and now where we are now supporting Siniora against an "al-Qaeda-inspired" Fatah Islam militant
  1. Iran, where we installed the Shah and then supported Islamic fundamentalists to out him (

and Im not even going into Latin America or Africa.

Our elected officials are not blind to these things. They know much more than any of us ...  We use Bush to stand for the huge powerbloc of political, corporate and pseud-religious now running things. THIS is what the Dems can't stand up against.

It seems obvious that they have to buy into the same world view.  What else could explain this?

Can anyone figure this out?

One shiver of hope yesterday ... Paul Hawkens was on Democracy Now and talked about the hope he felt in Seattle in 99 and his belief that their is a strong enough international cohesion to take control.  Visit

Originally posted to boatsie on Thu May 24, 2007 at 08:58 PM PDT.

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  •  It sure looks that way (0+ / 0-)

    My fear? There will never be an 08 election. The group will never give up control.

    But following your logic, there will be no need to stop the '08 election, because changes of personnel in DC will not interfere with business as usual.

  •  U.S. is falling (0+ / 0-)

    You have negative GDP, double digit inflation and unemployment. Your government, corporations, and citizenry is many tens of trillions in debt.

    Do you think there a way out of this?

    •  a way out (0+ / 0-)

      i would argue that debt is exactly what current world leaders (and in that I include Bush & Co) WANT to exacerbate in the US.... making us more a third world country with a corrupt elite.... the debt is owed by the citizens, the citizens are marginalized by defunding of education, social programs, health... i don't see that the corporations are in debt....

      inflation, unemployment negative gdp .... all symptoms of sucking an economy dry.... what do these people care?

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