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I acknowledge even as I write this that it may be too late to save the soul of America.  Our cause may in fact already be lost.  It is in the spirit of ‘never say die’ that I undertake this diary.


I’ve heard all the excuses, all the reasons why we can’t or it wouldn’t be wise or politic to impeach the criminal traitors who have seized control of our country.  I reject them every one, and suspect active rightwing participation in planting them within the Democratic Party and within our community.  They’ve never made sense and only serve to perpetuate the despotic regime of the neocon corporatists who have brought such joy to our nation and our world.


All of my counters to the arguments against impeachment boil down to the following few points:

The Clinton ‘impeachment’ was a bad joke on the American people and a flagrant abuse of the Constitution which bears no comparison to the present circumstances.  

One does not count the likely votes prior to impeachment proceedings and make a go/no go decision based on that.  That would be like having jurors vote for guilt or innocence in a criminal trial without ever presenting evidence or arguments – without ever actually conducting a trial.  When the evidence properly presented begins to form a monstrous pile of reeking guilt, the steely resolve of the Republican hyenas will weaken.  They will falter and fail as the entire country comes to an awareness of the virtually endless list of Bushco’s grave offenses such as:

purposely lying the country into launching an aggressive war of choice
the sanctioned and hideous torture of helpless prisoners
the rampant theft and misappropriation of billions of taxpayer dollars
the willful dismantling and crippling of government agencies and services
unbridled and shameless vote fraud and election theft
repeated nefarious blows to American freedoms delivered in utter secrecy
the naked seizure of unauthorized Executive power
and all the other high crimes and misdemeanors too numerous to list that anyone paying half-assed attention already knows about


Even the staunchest Republican Bush supporters will begin to peel away as the glare of public inquiry reveals the awful and unbearable truth – just as they did when the full extent of Nixon’s crimes finally came to light.  And Bush’s insults to the constitution, the world and the American people make Nixon pale in comparison.


Many people seem to believe that if we don’t impeach Bushco that it’s no big deal, they’ll be gone come 2009 anyway goes that line of thought.  This is monumentally wrong and seriously misguided.  Anything Bush gets away will become precedent for all who follow in the office of President.  Not to impeach Bushco will sanction tyranny in America and guarantee its ascendancy for as long as the world lasts (which won’t be long).


Impeaching Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, et al is the only way we will ever get our freedoms and civil rights back.  It is the only way we will ever salvage our self-respect and our international reputation.  It is the only way we will ever make things right with our allies and the rest of the world.  We absolutely owe them this much.  It would be unconscionable not to deliver.  Justice, after all, still matters.


Of all the pressing issues that we face, from ending the abomination in Iraq to ameliorating the oncoming disaster of global warming, none are more important than removing Bush and company from power ASAP and restoring democracy to America – for if we fail at that we’ll fail at everything that follows.

This is America’s last gasp.  Let’s take a chance and do the right thing.


Impeach the criminal rat bastards and do it NOW!

Amen and mahalo!


Originally posted to One Pissed Off Liberal on Fri Jun 15, 2007 at 03:22 PM PDT.

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