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Just a  short one. Just saw on countdown that the AP reported that the Army stopped doctors from investigating if Tillman had been murdered. Shots were fired at close range and in his head.

Wesley Clark was on and believes that the orders came from the very top as Tillman was a political symbol. It was well known he was against the war in  Iraq. No indication if orders were to murder him, but at the least to cover it up ( Burned clothes- lost evidence etc)

I'm not speculating at this point. But I saw in another diary where they claimed executive Privilege in the Tillman case. It's starting to look beyond bad.

 Thanks to many in the comments; Here is the relevant link.  There is much discussion about what actually happened so please read the comments as there are vets on here.

I'm eliminating the extra poundage on the diary by suggestion. I felt it was relative to the above because it requires the D's to get even tougher than they have been. But as I head to bed, let's leave it focused on what happened. After reading all the comments, I'm left in the nowhere zone of it being up in the  air of what actually happened and chances are we'll never know unless the people who were there step up.

The only thing that leaves me cold is the snarl on Cheney's face , Tillman's position on the Iraq invasion and the cover up at the highest levels , even at the White House. It may be a case where Bush said "They ain't gettin' nothing from us" and this is one thing that got caught up in his BS pride. Or there could be much more (Cheney). I doubt we'll ever know.

I feel for the family.  

Thanks for reading

Originally posted to Dburn on Thu Jul 26, 2007 at 06:37 PM PDT.

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