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Or maybe not.

Last Sunday, the presidential advisor Karl Rove appeared on various sunday news talk shows.  During these programs, Mr. Rove answered some questions, avoided others and put out his face saving spin on his successes.   Well at least that is what he was trying to do, while pundits let him go on weaving a tale about his role in outing a CIA agent who was involved in real intelligence collection on potential weapons of mass distruction.  
But I agree with Bill Press

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Karl Rove, Please shut up!
Bill Press,

don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of hearing from Karl Rove. Ever since he announced his pending resignation, he’s been ubiquitous on the airwaves — as if he had anything worthwhile to add, or anything to say we could believe.

The absurdity of the "secrets and wiretapping" advisor trained as a dirty tricks student of Don Segretti getting on the national television  and speaking as if people actually were going to believe anything that came out of his mouth.
(Note how segretti was as recently as 2000 working for MacCain as co-chair in Orange county)

I remember as a child, reading a fairy tale about a lovely young girl and her evil sister.  In this story, when the lovely girl spoke roses and diamonds fell out of her mouth when she spoke and when the evil one spoke frogs an toads fell out of her mouth.  Now as a child and one prone to nature studies, I remember thinking, "Naw, that is just a fairy tale and toads don't fall out of mouths." Besides, I liked frogs and toads, so why pick those to fall out of the bad girl's mouth.  The meaning was lost on this nature loving kid.  For fun on a Texas evening, we would turn on the hose and pour water into a hole and hope for the toad to come out so we could catch it and run while holding it away from us as it urinated in defense.
But now I am so much older, I understand that frogs and toads gross other people out. I understand that fairy tales use symbols of things to represent other things. In this case, frogs and toads were symbols of lies, deceit and ugliness  that people say to others.
Yesterday, a man was on my t.v. screen and frogs and toads were falling out of his mouth and T.V. news anchors sat there and acted like nothing special was happening. Nothing ugly or disgusting was being said.  No frogs or toads were recognized as falling out of this man's mouth, but we know they were.
So I agree with Bill Press. Karl Rove needs to just slink away like the ultimate failure he is.  It is not enough to get a person elected to be president, that person needs to be a real leader.  That is Karl Rove's greatest failure, he hitched his wagon to what he though was a star when in fact it was just a bright meteor that came crashing into as cold hard pieces of rock.  
A real leader shines on his/her own and draws supports by their very own internal energy.  A impostor has to be pushed on people by deceit and fakery.  But as always in the end, people know a real leader from an imposter. Why? Because the imposter cares about himself, his legacy and his coin.  A real leader draws people together for the good of the community.  A look at the discussion of the partisan fighting and the division in this country is the proof of the lack of leadership skills of both the current person in the leadership position and his best promoter Karl Rove.

The proof in the pudding is in the eating

Who wants Karl Rove pie?
Not me, I don't eat amphibians.
Now, let's watch how this Karl Rove fella continues his work in the dark.  We know if he is doing it out in the open it is something he WANT YOU TO SEE.
Watch my hand, nothing up my sleeve, ah presto chango

Originally posted to TexMex on Mon Aug 20, 2007 at 07:45 AM PDT.


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