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Part 2 of a series on Denver talk show host "Gunny" Bob Newman.  For part 1, go here: I want Gunny Bob's head on a pike!

To recap, these would be the headlines Gunny Bob would expect me to write were his rantings actually true.  Following in Bill O'Reilly's footsteps Gunny attacked attendees of the YearlyKos Convention weeks ago here and here comparing us to Nazis, the KKK, and Muslim terrorists. 

"Gunny" Bob Newman on his August 2 broadcast called the 2007 YearlyKos Convention a "convention of hatred and intolerance," adding, "If you want to see hate, urged violence, bigotry, racism, and intolerance in general, and anti-American speech, this is the event." Newman then called the convention, organized by the Daily Kos blog, "bigger than any KKK, Nazi, or Muslim terrorist gathering ... that has ever occurred"

Later in Gunny's August 6th show he claimed Markos "lamented" on the front page about the hate speech on the site.  It's actually quite easy check that.  Here's everything Markos posted during that week and I found nothing of the sort.  In case Gunny got a little confused, I also looked through the diaries of the other front pagers and found no mention.

What he fails to understand or choses to ignore is that like at, which I help manage, removes any comments advocating violence, spewing abject racism, or other similar speech with our comment rating systems.  Here's an excerpt from our About page:

Racism, bigotry, threats of violence and other hate-filled language is strictly prohibited -- from those on the right side of the political spectrum and the left.

There was however this by BarbinMD:

Last week, the falafel-loving Bill O'Reilly declared a jihad against "the" Daily Kos, declaring it a hate site on par with the Nazis and the KKK.  And in keeping with his non-existent journalistic standards, he produced random posts that he mined from the thousands of comments made here everyday...check that.  He had had some low-level intern search for examples of hate from the thousands of comments made here everyday and presented them as representative of Daily Kos.

Well, what's good for the goose is good for the fried balls of spiced fava beans.  Here, presented for your consideration, are some deep thoughts from the denizens of billoreillydotcom, and following the logic of Bill O'Reilly, it means that:

Bill O'Reilly advocates an armed rebellion against our government:

Harry Reid playing politics? I wonder who's pulling his strings... I am ready for the new surge. Oh Keep your guns loaded. Mine are.

  If she wins which hopefully she won't. My guns are loaded for the revolt are yours??

  President Hillary Rodham Clinton no way I am keeping my guns loaded if she is elected because there will be a civil war.

Bill O'Reilly thinks that President Bill Clinton will have Barack Obama murdered:

Is the US ready for a black President? You forget Hillary! Obama should be in a car accident, or fall off a balcony, in about 6 months! He's dealing with Bill Clinton, who wants that Power back! It'll be interesting to watch what happens!

And finally, Bill O'Reilly believes that all Democrats are the "death party people":

They hate children-abortion-sexual perverts-hate the military thus hate us and the US.

Shocking, but true.  Bill O'Reilly advocates the violent overthrow of our government, believes that a former President of the United States is planning a murder, feels that a sitting Senator is unfit for any office because he is a fake Christian, and that millions of Americans are members of a party of death. It must be true, because after all, it was posted at his website.

Yeah, I know it would have been nice to find similar examples of speech at Gunny Bob's site but he doesn't allow people to leave comments.  I wonder why. 

One interesting piece of news is that Gunny Bob's new book, The War for America: Liberal Extremism, Moral Turpitude, and High Crimes and Misdemeanors has been shelved.  He apparently used to list it on his website.  The publisher, Cumberland House, still shows it here.  The book is still listed on their site as due out in June...of 2007.  However, last week I spoke with the publisher who told me the book has been "shelved indefinitely."  They wouldn't elaborate, but in June a friend of mine called and was told the book was delayed and was being reviewed by their legal department. 

Last night I happened to check Amazon who still lists the book, but you'll notice Amazon says it will take 4-6 weeks before it ships.  I spoke with a customer support person at Amazon who checked and found they still show an open ended date from the publisher and thus simply list their maximum amount of time before they can ship the order.  The very friendly Amazon customer service representative told me she would be performing a "bin check" which would likely result in the book being removed from their site in a few weeks.  Ha!

Now, what about those public air waves?

While Zappatero pointed out yesterday that KOA's license isn't up for renewal until 2011, there is a license revocation process.

In the FCC's FAQ:

What are the statutes and rules regarding the broadcast of obscene, indecent, and profane programming? Title 18 of the United States Code, Section 1464, prohibits the utterance of "any obscene, indecent or profane language by means of radio communication." Consistent with a subsequent statute and court case, the Commission's rules prohibit the broadcast of indecent material during the period of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. FCC decisions also prohibit the broadcast of profane material between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. Civil enforcement of these requirements rests with the FCC, and is an important part of the FCC's overall responsibilities. At the same time, the FCC must be mindful of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and Section 326 of the Communications Act, which prohibit the FCC from censoring program material, or interfering with broadcasters' free speech rights.

While this of course generally refers to sexually explicit material, given all the evidence Gunny certainly fits my definition of obscene when it comes to use of the word Nazi, and labeling an organization he doesn't agree with a hate group.  So, here's the form where one can file a complaint with the FCC.  There's also a handy PDF.

But you haven't yet described how to get his head on a pike.  Patience young padawan.

Below is an extensive but by no means all inclusive list of advertisers on Gunny's show.  So, please consider calling a few and asking if this is the type of speech they want their businesses associated with.  Please be nice and remind them that while yes, we disagree with Gunny on our politics that's fine and is what democracy is about.  However, ask them if their company is comfortable with being associated with a talk show that tosses around words like Nazi, hate group, etc, for those the host simply disagrees with?  If they want proof, please get a mailing address as we can send a CD copy of the pertinent show's audio excerpts.  Then, send me an email with their contact info  at, user johne.  If you get confirmation of a business pulling their ads please post it in the comments.

Country insurance & Financial services
COUNTRY Customer Service

800-888-4848 ext. 1306

Accu-chek Aviva  (advertised as sold at Safeway)

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Administration: 303.893.4000

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
(330) 796-2121
(800) 388-ROCK

could also try:

Rockies Autos (Ad done personally by Gunny Bob)
303-695-7000 http://www.americanf...

Clearview plus Video magnifiers
303-620-4000 FAX: 303-620-4043


Midwest Center for Stress & Anxiety



General Steel 

Spivak Vision
(303) 733-2020
(888) 898-2020

Franchise Revenue Systems

Rocky Mountain Legacy Advisors (Ad read personally by Gunny Bob)

Mutual Fund Store
(913) 338-2323
(800) 349-2323

Triple Crown Casinos in Cripple Creek


Monster Vac

Johnny's Imperial Restaurant

Boulder County Fair - Gunny Bob will be a guest


Innomax SpongeBed

Clark AutoPond

Panera Bread

Shane Co Jewelery

Colorado Christian Universities
303-963-3000 (this if part of the city of Aurora!)

Rosetta Stone Software 1800-338-2218

St John's Military School (Peronally read by Gunny Bob)

The Mortgage Store


Great Basement Systems


Thanks so much!  Remember, the smaller local companies should be more apt to listen and follow through.  Also, some of them won't even realize they advertise on such a show.  Many go through ad buying agencies or just advertise on several or all the Clear Channel stations.  For example, Rockies Autos also runs similar ads on AM760 our local Air America affiliate.  Last time we went through this, Gunny lost at least three of his advertisers.  That number needs to go up.

Finally, it seems all the righties have gotten their talking points.  Last week, on Caldara's Independent Thinking show to attack liberal blogs and other sites like Colorado Confidential, Dailykos, and Huffington Post.  yes, the meme is that liberal blogs use "really nasty" language.  Oh my word!  Of course they think George Soros funds every portion of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.  How I wish that were true, but he actually spends most of his massive amount of money trying to support democracy in Eastern Europe and around the world. 

It's really hilarious that during this show Brad Jones tried to question the funding of several sites but when asked by Caldara won't reveal who funds him:

After Caldara asked, "I'm going to ask you where you get your funding as well," Jones replied, "We ... get our funding from investors who believe in our ... cause. I'm not going to tell you their names, because a lot of times it becomes, you know, ad hominem attacks ... on the funders." After Caldara repeated the question later -- asking, "So where do you get your money?" -- Jones laughed and replied, "I'm not going to tell you, Jon."

Colorado Media Matters has so much more on this really sad exchange between Caldara, Jones and Kaminsky.
cross-posted at SquareState.

Originally posted to johne on Thu Aug 30, 2007 at 11:18 AM PDT.

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