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Sorry it took so long to get to this.

Kossack AlanF conducted two interviews with Paul Jay earlier this year - well worth the read.

"Go big or go home": Interview with Paul Jay, IWT/The Real News, Part 1
"The Real News" Junkies Get a Fix

No, I’m not talking about McClatchy, although, they certainly fit into the "reality-based" news category as well. But, this is new. A brand new independent network on the web that takes zero advertising dollars. That’s zero. No advertising; no government funding, and no corporate strings.

In fact, The Real News is a non-profit news and documentary network focused on providing independent and uncompromising journalism. The staff, in collaboration with courageous journalists around the globe, will investigate, report and debate stories on the critical issues of our times.

They are member supported and do not accept advertising, government or corporate funding.

Ostensibly, these guys are dead serious about the news – hard news, of the unvarnished, no-spin variety; reported by serious international investigative journalists such as Pepe Escobar of the Asia Times, London-based reporter, Stephen Grey, author of "Ghost Plane: The True Story of the CIA Torture Program", editor-in-chief for Washington Prism (Farsi), Babak Yektafar, and featured writer at The Iranian, and Pakistani feature documentary maker, Munizae Jahangir.

The network offers this promise. (11-minute video)

An interview with CEO Paul Jay about the vision of The Real News.

The Real News will investigate, report and debate stories that help us understand the critical issues of our time.

We will combine breaking-news footage from around the world with reportage from some of the world's best journalists, expanding from several news items per day to a 24/7 news website and daily news hour for television.

The Real News already has some big name supporters such as:

Phil Donahue

Phil Donahue
"I think the idea of creating a television news source that is not beholden to corporate interests is Nirvana."
Phil Donahue is the creator and star of The Phil Donahue Show and MSNBC's Donahue.

Phil Donahue: "It's apparently the only chance we're going to have to feature news reporters... who are willing to behave inelegantly by sticking their nose under the tent to learn what the righteous and powerful have in store for us."

Laura Flanders

Laura Flanders

"We need media that would connect people; that would be a tool for peace and for international resolution of conflict; that would help people from any given country to escape from the vice-grip of propaganda."

Laura Flanders is an Air America radio host and journalist. She is the author of Bushwomen: Tales of a Cynical Species and Real Majority, Media Minority: The Cost of Sidelining Women in Reporting. Flanders was the Founding Director of the Women's Desk at the media-watch group FAIR.

Laura Flanders: "Something like [The Real News] could work today like no other project could have worked before."

Tom Fenton

Tom Fenton on the status of American journalism
The CBS news veteran examines the current state of American journalism and the importance of The Real News.

"There is a need for a broadcaster that is absolutely free to call the shots as they see it".

Tom Fenton is a former Senior Foreign Correspondent and 34-year veteran of CBS News. He is the author of Bad News: The Decline of Reporting, the Business of News and the Danger to Us All.

Gore Vidal

Interview with Gore Vidal

Author Gore Vidal discusses the state of television news and democracy.
"There are so many questions that television refuses to take up – much less answer."

Gore Vidal is the author of twenty-two novels and has written films including the classics Ben-Hur and Suddenly, Last Summer. He is recently the author of The Last Empire and Inventing a Nation.

And, many other international supporters.

I really believe the time has come for this type of real news network. Please check it out and perhaps leave comments as to how we can promote this very worthwhile venture.

We can help push this.


Originally posted to markthshark on Thu Sep 20, 2007 at 05:07 AM PDT.

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