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In what is just the most recent of many, many honors, Al Gore was in Los Angeles today at the Oceana Partners Awards Gala to receive recognition for his tireless work in raising awareness about climate change and its devastating impacts on our earth's waters.  From the Hollywood Reporter:

The Partners Award Event is attended by hundreds of guests from the entertainment, business, and philanthropic communities.  Oceana is a large-scale organization that campaigns on myriad fronts to preserve the oceans of the world.

The only thing more exciting than another prize for Al, from our end at least, is what he said at the gala.  In addition to his concern that recent climate change news hasn't gotten more media attention, an onlooker heard him say this:

"He said he didn’t know what else to do anymore to get this message across."

Could this be those shifting internal gears Gore is always speaking of?  It is clear, through prior statements, his recent UN speech, and now this clear expression of disappointment that he may be setting the entrance for a run.  What else can you do, you ask?  I think you know the answer to that...

In addition to this bit of good news for us folk who want to see a Gore candidacy, there were also a number of very well-timed Draft Gore news stories in major outlets across the country.  Newsweek came out with a story this morning about the possibility that a Nobel Peace Prize win may well serve as a launchpad to a run.  The article touches on a number of our statewide ballot initiatives as well as the chances Gore has to win the prize.  The one nugget of information provided was nonetheless interesting:

...his Nashville office didn’t return several phone calls and e-mails seeking comment for this story.

Also, in what may turn out to be the first and last time I ever link to Washington Times pieces, there was one article printed in today's paper as well as a, updated report later in the day.  The second one even mentions Daily Kos!  These two articles also touch on a few of the state efforts as well as highlights the Iowa Rally & Concert scheduled for November 11.  Most interesting, the follow-up had this to say:

A Democrat familiar with the inner workings of the 2000 campaign said former staffers and supporters have mixed feelings: "Some of them feel like he is probably getting too late to get anything together to make it a showing. Some think it's never too late."

In other words, even some of his former employees think he may yet jump in.  Gore's office's sent a similar response to the Times piece:

A Gore spokeswoman didn't respond to my inquiry about Michigan.

I don't know about everyone else, but I found that to be pretty strange.  Gore's office, from what I've always seen, has never been hesitant to send out their form response: "Al Gore is flattered by the support, but he has no plans to run."  I find it more than a little curious that they wouldn't respond to articles in two major publications.

Finally, betson08 reported in another diary that California for Gore appeared on CNN earlier tonight. Michael Moore also took note of the Newsweek article as well as a press release sent out by DC's newly-launched efforts to get him on their primary ballot.  The Gore movement is gaining a lot of momentum --- if he does indeed win the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, can anyone honestly deny that this is the most qualified man to be our next great President?

Originally posted to NYPopulist on Mon Oct 08, 2007 at 10:05 PM PDT.

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