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Volunteer knocks on a door and a lady answers it.

Volunteer: "Hello.  Do you have a minute?  I’d like to talk to you about Hillary Clinton"

Rob Reiner steps in to shot next to volunteer.

Reiner: "No. No – that’s not working. Look at her – look at her reaction.  That’s not working.  She’d rather do laundry than talk to you.  You’ve gotta be more forceful.  Give it a real knock!"

Thus starts a hilarious campaign video regarding Hillary’s new effort to bring in thousands of new volunteers with meetings all around the country on October 11th.  

Video and Sign Up Form on Hillary’s Website

Make the jump for more...

I just got the following email from Reiner and clicked through to the above linked video – it sure brought back fond memories of watching him on All in the Family, and (though this was before my time but I’ve seen clips), I could see how his funny side compared with his old man’s.  

Dear ________:

When I received Hillary's email asking for volunteers, I did what any other Hollywood director would do. Made a movie.

Starring myself and a great supporting cast of Hillary volunteers from all over town.

You can see it right here:
Team Hillary

Hey, I wasn't the only one who answered Hillary's call. We've received an overwhelming response, with supporters from across the country pledging over 300,000 volunteer hours. And that was just three hours after Hillary's email went out! We hit 500,000 volunteer hours later that day.

So now there's a new goal. Ready? One million volunteer hours.

So if you're really committed to changing things in this country, spend one, two, or however many hours you can spare each week to help make it happen. The time you spend talking to other people about Hillary will be decisive on Election Day.

There's no better time to start than now:
Team Hillary

But first watch my movie. Then sign up to volunteer. And who knows -- you may even laugh a little along the way.

After all, volunteering isn't just important. It's fun.

Rob Reiner

When I got that email Reiner’s talking about, I signed up as a volunteer in my own community – committing at least 10 hours a week in the effort.  I figured between the time I spend blogging and writing, and the things I do with our county-wide campaign, I easily reach that goal each week.

More importantly, I registered our monthly volunteers meeting on the site so folks who hadn’t yet signed up on one of our many clipboards could find out about it.  There are meetings set in each and every one of our 50 states, and we have at least 15 events scheduled and up on the site for our area come Oct. 11th.  This should really go a long way toward swelling the ranks of Hillary’s million + volunteers.

And this all started with a note Hillary sent out on October 4th...

Dear ____________

Will you to talk to someone for me?

When I'm out on the campaign trail, I love talking to people. The stories they share are inspiring and remind me every day how much Americans are ready for change.

But no matter how often I travel -- or how early I wake up -- I can't talk to everybody one-on-one. That's why I need your help.

If voters hear from you about why you joined our campaign and why you want change -- that will make the difference on Election Day. Today my campaign is launching a nationwide voter contact program -- an important new phase for Team Hillary. I hope you'll commit time to reach out to people in your community.

We're aiming for a big goal: a commitment of 300,000 volunteer hours. I know we can make it, because I've seen -- again and again -- how dedicated you are to this campaign.

Get started. Sign up to volunteer:

I am so happy about all the success we've had so far, and I know that I owe it all to your strong support.

Now as we enter the most critical phase of the campaign, I need your help turning our momentum into votes. It doesn't matter if you've worked in campaigns your whole life or if this is your first time volunteering. It doesn't matter if you want to travel to another state or if you want to work from home.

From the first time I worked on a campaign and talked to voters about the candidate I believed in -- I gained a real appreciation for the one-on-one contact that makes the whole difference. That's why I am asking for your help. Let's reach our goal of 300,000 volunteer hours.

Get started. Sign up to volunteer:

On October 11, we'll be holding a series of organizational meetings across the country where you can learn more about how to get involved. I hope you'll attend one near you.

But even if you can't, I hope you'll still sign up.

I know that you have a busy schedule -- thank you for taking the time to help bring about the change we need.


Hillary Rodham Clinton

I am SO looking forward to these meetings.  It’ll give me a chance to talk with my neighbors about something I’ve thrown myself in to heart & soul.  In the 35 years I’ve been working on campaigns I have NEVER been this excited about a candidate (sorry Bill!) and I want to share that excitement with everyone I know.  It’s why I wear my button or Hillary hat everywhere I go – people ask questions and it gives me an opportunity to tell folks why I’m convinced Hillary’s the right person for the job.

So go to the website to log in your commitment to volunteer, and then find a meeting in your community (or set one up yourself!).  They have info on the main page of Hillary’s site at

Tell ‘em Alegre sent ya ;o)


I forgot to add a link to and a bit from the campaign's press release about Rob Reiner's endorsement of Hillary's historic run for the White House...


Citing her experience and vision for the nation, Democratic activist and director Rob Reiner today endorsed Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. He issued the following statement:

Until now, my wife Michele and I have supported all of the Democratic candidates. After watching the candidates debate, stake out their positions on the issues and lay out their visions for our nation, it is clear that Hillary Clinton should be our next president.

Today, I am excited and proud to endorse Hillary Clinton and pledge to do everything I can to elect her.

Hillary has what it takes to get us out of Iraq, and ensure that we truly keep our nation’s promise to "leave no child behind."

She has fought for healthcare, quality schools, and working families her entire life. As President, she will lead a government that serves all Americans.

Senator Clinton not only has a clear, inclusive and progressive vision for our future, she also has the know-how and experience to create positive and lasting change from day one of her administration.

Hillary and I have worked together for many years. She has been a staunch advocate for children and helped California pass Proposition 10, which has provided almost $6 billion for early childhood health and education. As First Lady, she helped create the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provides coverage to 6 million children; the Vaccines for Children program, which resulted in 90% of children receiving the vaccinations they need; and Early Head Start, which provides social services to infants and toddlers living in poverty. She has continued those efforts on the campaign trail by laying out a serious plan to provide high quality early childhood education to at risk young children, and a terrific plan to provide high quality health care to all Americans.

Based on her actions as a mother, First Lady, Senator and candidate, I know that children will be a top priority in Hillary Clinton’s White House. She understands that investing in a child pays a lifetime of dividends for our entire nation.

Ok sorry - that's most of the press release.  It goes on to list Reiner's credits (All in the Family, When Harry Met Sally, A Few Good Men, The American President).

Originally posted to Alegre on Tue Oct 09, 2007 at 10:32 AM PDT.

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