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If there is one person who has the ability to stop the wrong-headed FISA bill that would provide retroactive immunity to the tele-comms, it's Chris Dodd.

He has made the Constitution a centerpiece of his campaign from day one, and has a chance to back his words with action ... today.

Big Tent Democrat at MyDD urged Senator Dodd to "lead the resistance to the Dem Senate Cave in on FISA" and I think we all agree we need someone to step up.

Atrios talked a little bit more about Dodd's unique position to do something about it.

Dodd is our best chance to stop this bill.  Read more below to take action.

I did a little digging and found the name of his Policy Director on this website.  Call into his campaign headquarters and tell him the American people need leadership NOW on this issue.

Campaign HQ Phone Number: 202.737.3633
Name: Amos Hochstein, Policy Director

Update: CTLiberal reports that Senator Dodd is getting a bunch of phone calls and is considering stopping the bill.  That's great!  Let's keep it up, and make sure you are polite and thank the Senator for his leadership.

Update 2: Dodd will be placing a hold on the bill!  Here is his statement.  Make sure you send Senator Dodd some love.  He's shown great leadership on this and now he's putting his words into action.

Originally posted to Fran for Dean on Thu Oct 18, 2007 at 08:04 AM PDT.

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