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Hey look ma, I did a breaking thang!

This is so beautiful. Listed 1 hour ago in the NYT: Lawmaker Accuses Blackwater Of Tax Evasion

Waxman released a copy of a letter dated October 22 that he wrote to Blackwater Chairman Erik Prince. In it, Waxman said he has received documents that "suggest that Blackwater may have engaged in significant tax evasion."

He said that under a March 2007 Internal Revenue Service ruling, Blackwater violated federal tax laws by treating an armed guard as an "independent contractor."

"The implication of this ruling," Waxman said, "is that Blackwater may have avoided paying millions of dollars in Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, and related taxes."

The sweetest part of this is that with this, he's turning the greed of Blackwater employees against that of the company. This is where we'll get the odd guy saying "Hey, yeah, that's right, they didn't pay me my Social Security/Medicare/unemployment!!!"

Which will then be met with stuff from the company about how they were "naughty people terminated and denied their holiday bonus for blowing some guy's head off" and therefore didn't deserve them.

Which will then be met by Congress saying "Oh REALLY?"

Very impressive. Waxman gets a bottle of my blue ribbon best the next time I'm in DC. Don't worry, revinoors. Thanks to Jimmeh Carter, homebrewed mead is legal. Besides, don't you have much bigger fish to fry? :)

Mr. Waxman, I hope you like vanilla/ginger mead. This is the one that took a blue ribbon in the 2006 AHA Nationals.

Oh yeah, Pete Stark is getting one too.

Originally posted to Randgrithr on Mon Oct 22, 2007 at 10:41 AM PDT.

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