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If you search the traditional media on any given day, you’ll eventually find someone who actually makes sense. And so it is with Reaganomics and the titanic Bush Deficits:

A Taxing Lie -- Tax cuts to "stimulate the economy" date back to before Ronald Reagan, who first gambled with them during the 1980s. The result? First a surge in the stock market, fortunes made throughout the Wall Street crowd and then a big crash and a recession. And massive debt.  ... Enter George W. Bush III, who couldn't wait to give tax breaks to people who didn't need a break, or deserve one, and soon we were back to budget deficits, and the national debt ballooned to $9 trillion. This is the debt that threatens Social Security, Medicare, and on and on.

During times of democratic dominance, small government conservatives seem to magically appear in the media ether to pitch their economic snake oil that government cannot work -- a self fulfilling prophecy when their borrow and spend GOP dopplegangers are running things. The idea that the most powerful government in the history of the world, one created by, made up of, and paid for by We the People, cannot bring those vast, public resources to bear on resolving problems We the People face is absurd. Special pleading by shameless mouthpieces hired by billionaires begging that the extremely rich must be exempt from sharing a shred of the pain, but first in line when goodies are handed out, is downright revolting.

And so the well to do working on behalf of the super rich continue weaving a self-serving voodoo myth into the fabric of our national discourse: Subsidized student loans and grants to underprivileged students, social security and Medicare, healthcare for children, public ed, or help for millions of Americans stuck in a hopeless cycle of generational poverty must be demonized, such programs need ‘reform’ or ‘privatization,’ or should be scrapped altogether.

But massive taxpayer subsidies, sweat heart deals, no bid contracts, tax code loopholes, privatized monopolies, and billion dollar handouts to multinational corporations and zillionaire trust fund brats are in the best interests of, well, everyone according to, coincidentally, the well off conservative economists and lobbyists working on behalf of neo-tycoons ...  Gosh, how could anyone question their rationale or integrity?

They plea for tax cuts at the expense of our economic security despite the simple fact that any economy sustained by repetitive tax cuts cannot endure -- taxes can't be cut below zero, and they'll lose any purported stimulative effect well before then. They do so despite the mathematical fact that by definition, the majority cannot rise above the average in income and net worth -- to be rich means to be above average by definition.

Those who argue for this bizarre, reverse Robin Hood-esque 'solution' fit nicely in to three basic groups: well paid professional shills presenting their filthy rich client’s case in the best light possible like any good bottom feeding shark, the gullible socially conservative victims of the above scavengers, or the stone cold, bug-fuck crazy ideologues. And there is the modern conservative coalition in a nutshell.

It's a Rich Man's Party, leave your body and soul at the door.

Originally posted to DarkSyde on Mon Jan 21, 2008 at 05:03 AM PST.

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