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Yes. I have a temp job at our local Elections Office and have been sitting on my "Vote by Mail" ballot for awhile. It was a little slow today, so thought I would fill out my ballot. For President, I proudly cast my vote for Edwards. He seems to be the only one really talking about the issues that resonate with me. To paraphrase Senator Edwards..."tell me which American doesn't deserve clean air? clean water? Toxin free homes and schools?" Anyway...onto Environmental News to USE!

Rudy Giuliani and air quality after 9/11. In his run for President, Rudy Giuliani has showcased his leadership on 9/11 and in the following days, weeks, and months. But far less understood is how he responded to early concerns about the air quality in Lower Manhattan. New York WNYC Radio

The League of Conservation Voters, which has not yet endorsed a candidate for president, described Edwards' plan as the "most comprehensive global warming plan of any presidential candidate to date."

"Senator Edwards' plan demonstrates that he understands the magnitude of the challenge before us and the need for bold leadership to meet it," LCV President Gene Karpinski said. - John Edwards for President

First major presidential candidate to make his campaign carbon-neutral, in March 2007. He's buying carbon offsets to neutralize the effects of his campaign travel and office energy use, while also cutting energy consumption at campaign offices, buying recycled-paper office products, and encouraging staff to walk to work and take other energy-saving measures. - Grist

High mercury levels are found in tuna sushi. Recent laboratory tests found so much mercury in tuna sushi from 20 Manhattan stores and restaurants that at most of them, a regular diet of six pieces a week would exceed the levels considered acceptable by the EPA. New York Times.

Plastic ingested, study finds. Scientists furious at conclusions reached by a federal panel charged with assessing the safety of a common household chemical, bisphenol A, have retaliated. And they're using science as their weapon. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

BP: Felony plea, $50 million fine should cover deadly blast. BP says the punishment is sufficient, but critics say it's too lenient for an explosion that killed 15 people and injured many more. Houston Chronicle

Judging science. A Supreme Court ruling and subsequent case history have raised the bar on introducing scientific data into lawsuit hearings. Now some argue the standards have gone too far. Science News.

Exxon's Alaska oil spill case heads to high court. Nineteen years after its 11-million-gallon oil spill, Exxon and those affected by the disaster are still arguing over punitive damages. The case is now before the Supreme Court. All Things Considered

Politicians censor report on dangers of Arctic drilling. Scientists had hoped to warn of the scope of the environmental dangers of Arctic drilling in a new report, but 60 passages have been removed following pressure from the United States and Sweden. Der Spiegel.

New Orleans' wrecking ball levels healthy homes. In New Orleans, tens of thousands of houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina remain empty. All Things Considered

Doctors fear bulletproof bug. When an HIV-infected patient walked into Dr. Daniel Berger's North Side office with a nasty sore on his wrist, the physician suspected the culprit was a bacterium known as MRSA. The test results, however, were unexpected. Chicago Tribune

Diet soda takes a hit in U study. University of Minnesota researchers have found that red meat, fried foods and diet soda all appear to raise the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, a condition that often paves the way for diabetes and heart disease. Minneapolis Star Tribune

Honeybees may be wiped out in 10 years. Honeybees will die out in Britain within a decade as virulent diseases and parasites spread through the nation's hives, experts have warned. London Daily Telegraph

Major changes in store for Baltic Sea, study shows. Global warming is causing the air and water temperatures in the Baltic Sea region to heat up more intensely than other parts of the world, according to a recent study. Deutsche Welle

City told: Brace for 'climate refugees' The City of Toronto is bracing for an exodus of "environmental refugees" who may flee here because of flooding or extreme heat in their homelands due to climate change. Toronto Sun

Power plant waste used to make cookies. Inside a trailer at Big Brown, an Austin company called Skyonic, is racing to make history and maybe change it. They're one of many company's searching for the best way to strip carbon dioxide from power plants exhaust. Austin KVUE TV

Rich countries do $1.8 trillion damage to poor countries. UC Berkeley researchers report that environmental damage caused by rich nations affects poor nations so much, it costs them more than their combined foreign debt. San Francisco NBC 11

Fire below the ice. Researchers have found evidence that a previously undiscovered active volcano could be heating a portion of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, causing enough melting to nudge the sheet toward the sea. The find is bad news for scientists already worried about the stability of the giant ice sheet as global temperatures climb. Science.

Fukuda to urge midterm CO2 targets. In a speech to be delivered at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that kicks off Wednesday, Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda will propose that major emitters of greenhouse gases each come up with carbon dioxide reduction targets to be hit before 2050, government sources said Tuesday. Osaka Daily Yomiuri Shimbun

New award for climate-change campaigner Gore. Al Gore picked up his latest award for campaigning on climate change issues when he was handed the Gothenburg Prize for sustainable development Tuesday, organisers said. Agence France-Presse.

Coffee grounds a fuel source. In the near future, coffee-lovers could help the environment whenever they buy those lattes and cappuccinos, thanks to a Reno professor’s discovery of a new source for biodiesel fuel. Reno Gazette-Journal

Startup teams with Chevron on algae fuel. Solazyme, a Bay Area startup that makes diesel fuel from algae, said Tuesday that it will work with oil giant Chevron Corp. to perfect its technology. San Francisco Chronicle

Plug-in power. Andrew Angellotti spent nine months and about $6,000 to buy and transform his gasoline-powered, 1988 Mazda B2200 pickup into an electric vehicle. Flint Journal

Desert state channels oil wealth into world's first sustainable city. In an expanse of grey rock and dust in one of the harshest environments on earth, the United Arab Emirates is about to build what is being described as the world's first sustainable city, designed by British architect Lord Foster. London Guardian

Whole Foods to halt use of disposable plastic bags. Whole Foods Market, the largest U.S. natural-foods grocer, will stop giving out disposable plastic bags at its checkout counters as more governments around the world prohibit their use. San Jose Mercury.

Anger as water crisis looms. Bickering over water policy issues has now officially entered the presidential battle, with presidential candidates criticising the government for its lack of planning and policy on the water problem. Cyprus Mail

Kansans get their chance to affect global warming issue. A debate is brewing in Kansas that could determine whether this state lets dirty fossil fuels maintain their grip in the state or we start opting for clean energy sources and the planet’s well-being. Kansas City Star

Toss it today, drink it tomorrow. We, the people, have to do more. We, as a responsible, able body, need to consider saving clean air, water, fuel sources and other natural resources for future generations. Van Nuys Signal

Congress must support renewable energy, green jobs. Last month, Congress enacted a new energy law that is important for the health of both our local economy and our planet. But crucial aspects of the energy bill were dropped from the final legislation because of the opposition of the special interest groups of our energy past. Buffalo News

Film exposes 'digital dump'. Children, along with their parents, must drink groundwater contaminated by lead and other toxic runoff from the massive piles of e-waste that have accumulated in places like Lagos. Peterborough Examiner

Originally posted to jillian on Wed Jan 23, 2008 at 07:02 PM PST.

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