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 I hope this diary won't be considered too "out-there" by all you Kossacs. I've decided to post it in light of Huffington Post's recent new section making fun of Astrology and Pollsters.My wish is to show that Political Astrology is an Art and Science that deserves some respect. There are good Astrologers as well as Pollsters out there. Also, perhaps I will bring some closet Astrologers out of the wood work and make some new friends here.

 Warning, there is a lot of Astrologeese to get through here for the layman. I recommend you read the text and forget about the signs and planets.I assure you all of the conclusions I have come to are based soundly on Astrological principles.Enjoy. if the response is good I'll keep it up. If not I will continue with my normal citizen journalism.

Wildstarchild’s Astro-Notes                                   Feb 1,2008

Super Tuesday Transits

 Hello world. This is the absolute beginning of a many part series on the Astrology of the 2008 Presidential Nomination and Election. My first article focuses on the transits made to the U.S. (Sibly) chart(below),on Feb.5,2008,Super Tuesday.

I am comparing two charts from Super Tuesday. The first transit chart is the opening of the polls. I’ve decided to use Washington D.C.(our nations capitol),6:00 Am EST. For the closing polls, I’ve chosen; Hollywood,Ca,6:00 Pm,PST.,to some this may seem a bit strange, but I had to pick a place in California, and where else is more politically influential than Hollywood with all it’s money, political correctness, and outspoken celebrities?
 The planets do not change much throughout the day with the exception of the Moon. The Moon starts out 25 degrees Capricorn Conjuncting our nations Pluto, 27 degrees Capricorn, deposited in the 2nd house. Issues of national security, basic necessities, financial & political power, and the economy will be very much on the minds of the voters that morning. When the polls close, the transiting Moon will be 3 degrees Aquarius,making a Grand Air Trine with U.S. Uranus in Gemini & M.C.Midheaven in Libra. At the end of the day this shows the Nation will be more in tune with radical, progressive and innovative approaches to issues of employment, military, and national defense. Also there will be a sense of destiny, that we must bring back the inherent justice (M.C.Libra) and revolutionary (Uranus) spirit of our country. There will be a sense that we the people (Moon) are having a definite effect on our ruling class & those in power!

  Referring to the chart below( polls closing), the most striking overall picture one sees is the incredible stellium of transiting planets( in the sky that day), starting in the middle of the U.S. Asc. with Pluto( freshly entered into the sign of Capricorn) and ending with Uranus in Pisces, transiting the U.S. 3rd house. Eight planets in all! Plus transiting Chiron and Moon Node!
Closing polls Super Tues
  The first house signifies how we project our personality as a country, the interests of our people, and the American people as a whole. In this case, the U.S. Asc. is in Sagittarius. Therefore we come off as expansive, full of higher minded-lofty ideas (like; truth, freedom, Democracy, etc.).We appear adventuresome, full of pioneer spirit , but also arrogant and frustratingly changeable at times, (especially due to the Ascendants opposition to U.S. Uranus in Gemini,6th house). Indeed this may help to explain our election process itself, changing of the House, Senate and Presidency every few years. Asc. opposite Uranus, shows an almost obsessive need to be independent, to show we can be innovative with an entrepreneurial spirit.


  The first planet we find transiting U.S. 1st house is Pluto in Capricorn. As an important side note, Pluto has not been in Capricorn since the 1770’s, the beginning of our fight for independence. Pluto will retrograde back into Sagittarius (where it has been since 1994) in April of this year and then finally go direct for good in September for the next 19 years or so. We will not experience our Pluto return (where pluto was when the U.S. was born) until 2022.This is another whole article in and of itself which I will be exploring at a later date.

  Pluto indicates financial and political power, big business, political factions, and transformational energies in general. We are very much in tune now with how these things affect our image and status in the world. No longer satisfied with Sagittarius confidence and optimism, we are ready now for more practical and tangible (Capricorn) transformation in these areas and how they affect our nation as a whole.

 Transiting Pluto is also making some significant aspects to the U.S. chart that will continue to affect us for many years. Pluto here is opposing U.S. Venus conjunct Jupiter in the 7th house. First off all, this conjunction gives us much luck in the areas of wealth, prosperity, entertainment, and talent. These endowments are most felt between us and our alliances and relations with other nations. At our best we are willing to negotiate with our enemies and prefer diplomacy and dialogue to war. This Pluto transit is helping us now to balance the disastrous foreign policy of the last seven years (IMHO). We are literally being forced to change in a definite, searching, and strictly pragmatic way, how we deal with others, and how we wish to see ourselves as a nation. We will need to cooperate much more in the coming years as Pluto first opposes our Jupiter and Venus and then our U.S. Sun and Mercury in the years 2017-2021.

 Next up in this incredible stellium of planets is transiting Jupiter in Capricorn conjunct Venus in Capricorn, also falling in the Nations 1st house. Interestingly, we have a reflection of our own Venus conjunct Jupiter in the U.S. 7th house. They have already made their opposition to U.S. Venus  by this time ,but U.S. Jupiter is still being opposed  as are the U.S. Sun in Cancer(in the 7th house) and Mercury in Cancer (in the 8th house).  

 Transiting Jupiter in the U.S. 1st house points to an opportunity to expand our Sagittarius Rising sign capabilities, and intensifies our need to put our best foot forward. Transiting Venus conjunct Jupiter, lends an air of glamour to the excess. We are not necessarily willing to give up our creature comforts at this time, especially considering its opposition to U.S. Jupiter. This transit tends to make us overconfident, overambitious, and restless when it comes to our wealth, prosperity and self-image. This effects our diplomatic relations as well. This conjunction also opposes U.S. Sun and Mercury. Perhaps how we wish to see ourselves right now is in conflict with who we really are. I also get a sense from these three planets working together in the 1st house, of the established powers that be, using info-tainment to push a certain image or exaggerate the issues facing us.

  The U.S. Sun, more than any other planet, represents our identity and character as a Nation. Sun in Cancer in the 7th house  shows that we can be a nurturing, protective, homey kind of place. We are sometimes good at creating partnerships with our allies and friends, but we will protect the
home front first,  and at all cost. I am reminded of a mother bear who will protect her cubs ferociously if need be. Perhaps we should also remember that Cancer can be moody and changeable as well as loving and nurturing to our fellow world peoples. The opposition of transiting Venus and Jupiter this day, will find us at odds with a temporarily exaggerated sense of self, combined with a temptation to expand beyond all reasonable limits. Although our chances of success in the long run are  good, there is also a chance we could miss this opportunity to expand our image to the rest of the world because of sheer laziness and lack of discipline. I could speculate that maybe people will not get out of bed to vote this day but with the rest of the chart I think there will be massive turn out. This conjunction of transiting Jupiter/Venus also opposes U.S. Mercury  which I will explore in detail now.

  The U.S. conjunction of Sun and Mercury in Cancer in the 7th and 8th house, indicates our identity very much coincides with our opinion of ourselves. It’s as if we decide for ourselves who we are and to hell with what anyone else thinks! Mercury in the 8th opposite transiting Jupiter conjunct Venus points to overestimated opinion polls and expanded news coverage, especially concerning issues of national debt, taxes, insurance, corporate finances, and loans. These inquiries will likely be blown out of all proportion by the Media and Politicians alike. I suspect these disputes will be heavily on the mind of voters, as they have now for much of this election process, only now much overstated due to the Jupiter influence.

 This opposition alas, is forming a T-square to U.S. Saturn square U.S. Sun in Cancer. U.S.. Saturn in the 10th house, shows that we are a conservative country of established laws and procedures, albeit with a strong sense of fair play and justice. I believe this placement also represents our Congress, i.e. the law (Saturn) and those in power (10th house).

 Again the tendency to exaggerate the people’s place in the Nation is challenged by the system, bureaucracy, law and control. I would not be surprised to see voting irregularities for this as well as other reasons (such as transiting Mercury retrograde).There is a sense of restlessness mixed with a feeling that something is just not right. There may be a considerable amount of tension and confusion as the people try to decide whether to go backwards or forwards, to expand or cut back. The people will certainly be ticked off with the powers that be today, and will most likely vote accordingly. Transiting Venus square Saturn indicates there is an very acute dissatisfaction  among the nation as a whole with politicians who do not live up to a rigorous and rigid standard. We will likely judge more harshly than usual.

 Next up we have a conjunction of transiting Chiron,Sun,Mercury(R), and Neptune in Aquarius, all in the 2nd house! My first intuition was ,"It’s the ECONOMY stupid!"( If you’ve followed me this far you already know the 2nd house deals with finances and values.) Aquarius deals with the people’s representatives, humanitarian organizations, human rights and environmental concerns. Those in our country who wish to see economic justice for all will be well represented today in the voting electorate, as well as independent free-thinkers in general.

 The Chiron/Sun/Mercury/Neptune conjunction points to voters who will be looking for a president who will not only heal our economy, but our sense of national identity. Trining all of this is U.S. and transiting Mars, which tells me the war is still very important in our decision today, especially concerning it’s cost not only to our pocket books, but to our sense of self esteem as a country.

 Surrounding these issues I expect to see a lot of Media buzz, speculation, and hype. People will be glued to their T.V. sets and computer screens waiting for results. I am also predicting some deception and/or misinformation (Neptune) dealing with opinion polls, election results, and talking heads (Mercury). I suspect their opinions will be way off today (New Hampshire anyone?) Mercury retrograde increases our chances of computer glitches and perhaps voting irregularities or fraud, and with Neptune conjunct here, could very well lead to scandals. On the positive side this increases our yearning for hope and idealism.

  Finally, Feb. 5th will see America experiencing our Mars return (transiting Mars in Gemini conjunct U.S. Mars in Gemini).This indicates a new beginning in matters concerning war, alliances, dialogue and diplomacy with other countries. Now is the perfect time to change our policy in Iraq. This transit, however, brings out a challenging aspect in the U.S. chart (transiting Mars square U.S. Neptune in Virgo in the 9th house). This shows our mission can sometimes be confused by our belief systems, religion, ruthless criticism of other nations, and aversion to change. Today, more than usual, the people will be aware of "deceitful actions" concerning our military and intelligence agencies. Old wounds are being scratched open. This can lead to feelings of doubt, discouragement and inadequacy. The public (and the government) will likely find themselves confronted with consequences of past actions we hoped would go away (i.e. the Iraq War).

  Luckily, however, the U.S. Mars is trined by the U.S. Moon (the people),(Which then trines our Venus/Jupiter conjunction in the 7th house of partnerships). This means Mars is activating our feelings of pride in our many talents, our sense of justice and our need for autonomy concerning our policies and practices as a nation. I feel the U.S.Aquarius Moon in the 3rd represents freedom of the press and free speech. Americans who are disgusted with our current state of affairs can at least take solace in these liberties.

 Also I must note the transiting North Moon (destiny, Karma), conjuncting the U.S. Moon. This shows our exercise of free speech on this day is what we must teach to balance our country’s Karma.

 To sum all of this up...Perhaps this day will lead to a new uprising in our country of the independent and unrepresented voters, those whom  pundits and political analysts tell us don’t matter. All in all I expect this to be a day for  humanity and truth. One thing’s for sure, it definitely won’t be boring!

  = 472;


Originally posted to on Fri Feb 01, 2008 at 06:29 AM PST.


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