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An Obama supporter in my community, Steve, came up with a great idea for an Obama ad. Too good, in fact, not to share. He's an Independent and not a member of this community, but he gave me permission to post his idea here.

If you like the idea, please recommend this diary so we can get exposure for Steve's great idea -- and maybe get the Obama campaign to run with it.

This is from Steve's blog:

I'm amused that the little girl in the 'scare' ad is actually 17, almost 18, and was a precinct captain for Obama. The footage was stock footage (which explains why the Obama campaign could use it, too), and she found out about it's use along with the rest of us. She mentions doing an ad, and I wrote this. I wonder if anyone had (a) any suggestions and (b) knew to whom it should go, because it would be a very effective counter-punch, but they'll have to use it soon or people will forget the ad.

[fade in to sleeping girl stock footage]

Casey [voiceover]: "Hillary Clinton recently used stock footage of a happy little girl sleeping in bed to make a political ad, but tinted it blue ..."

[fades to dark, scary blue like the Clinton ad]

[Casey, cont'd.] "...and used a gravelly voice to scare you into voting for her."

[fade out ad, fade in Casey in brightly-lit room]

Casey: "That was me, eight years ago. And I'm here to tell you I'm not scared. You could even say I'm full of hope. Before I even saw the ad, I was a proud precinct captain on Barack Obama's campaign."

[Barack Obama walks up next to her]

Barack: "Let's put an end to politics of fear that uses scare tactics to drum up votes, and to justify bad decisions."

Casey: "And instead of relying on scary stock footage to get votes, Barack's campaign will rely on the people who've volunteered for his campaign. Like me. I'm Casey Knowles..."

Barack: "...and I'm Barack Obama..."

Both: "...and we approve this message."

Casey: "And not that other one!"

[Campaign logo fades in]


Isn't that a great idea?

Many thanks to our Independent friend, Steve.

Here's Steve's blog entry.

Update:  Here's a link to the news story about Casey, courtesy of fellow Kossak, nisleib.

Second Update:  Looks like the ad has been made. Thanks for your efforts to help make it happen. We're quite a team! Here it is:

Originally posted to Parallax857 on Sun Mar 09, 2008 at 11:29 AM PDT.

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