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Just got the word, my son is on his way home from Iraq.

I am so relieved, I am in near tears.  With the news reports of 5 more has died when we could not see his myspace update and not able to get a hold of his wife for a while this morning....

He is out of the danger zone and on the way home.  He has a "year" off until the next deployment.

One day at a time.  

We need to work together so they all come home safely and with their sanity.

I am going to go celebrate at lunch today!!

Thanks I have never been rec'd before...

All I hear in my head is the Alice Cooper song "I'm coming home".

Update II..
eigenman pointed out that the song is by Ozzy, not Alice.

Thanks!, just so relived to the point of crying sometimes!

Originally posted to doingbusinessas on Mon Mar 10, 2008 at 12:14 PM PDT.

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