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The Obama campaign is calling independents in PA who support Obama, and asking them to switch to Democrat so that they can vote in the closed primary.  If people agree the campaign sends them a form.

The deadline to switch is March 24, so sometime around March 20 it's too late for people to get the form and mail it back.  So we have around 5 days to do this.

Last night, in 30 minutes I found 2 Obama supporters, and both are switching to Dem--and neither knew that they woudn't have been able to vote!  That's 2 more votes for Obama in 30 minutes.  Not 2 more identified voters, 2 VOTES!  (And as an added bonus I signed one of them up as a volunteer.)

Normally phone contact makes a person 5% more likely to vote.  So most supporters you find would've voted anyway.  However, in this case, your call really is making the difference between people being able to vote and not!  You are up to 20 times as effective now than you will be in a week and a half!

An Obama upset in PA would probably end the fiasco which the Clinton campaign has morphed into.  And a tight loss will keep Obama on track to decisively win the nomination if it isn't stolen.

You know what to do.  Go to the Obama website and hit the "make calls" button on the right.

Originally posted to Cat Servant on Thu Mar 13, 2008 at 12:34 PM PDT.

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