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Yeah right.  As a matter of fact, I could have written that because I knew that’s exactly what he would say.

Who didn’t know he would bring up his white mother, white grandmother and African father?   Who didn’t know he would rally African-Americans to his side when talked about the OJ Simpson trial, black anger over Katrina and the injustices that blacks face on daily basis?  The speech, like the majority of Obama’s speeches was meant to gloss over the major issue with a "magnificent", "excellent" oratory about nothing.  So post-racial Obama, why did you stay at the church for 20 years under that Mr. Jeremiah Wright?  Perhaps Shelby Steele can answer:

Thus, nothing could be more dangerous to Mr. Obama's political aspirations than the revelation that he, the son of a white woman, sat Sunday after Sunday -- for 20 years -- in an Afrocentric, black nationalist church in which his own mother, not to mention other whites, could never feel comfortable. His pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is a challenger who goes far past Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in his anti-American outrage ("God damn America").

How does one "transcend" race in this church? The fact is that Barack Obama has fellow-traveled with a hate-filled, anti-American black nationalism all his adult life, failing to stand and challenge an ideology that would have no place for his own mother. And what portent of presidential judgment is it to have exposed his two daughters for their entire lives to what is, at the very least, a subtext of anti-white vitriol?

What could he have been thinking? Of course he wasn't thinking. He was driven by insecurity, by a need to "be black" despite his biracial background. And so fellow-traveling with a little race hatred seemed a small price to pay for a more secure racial identity. And anyway, wasn't this hatred more rhetorical than real?"

At one point it really started to bother me that I was not getting excited about the candidacy of Barack Obama.  After all, I’m the same person who actually had tears rolling down my face when Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith faced off in the Super Bowl as the two first black coaches to accomplish the feat.  I mean he would be the first black man to be POTUS.  But everytime I tried to get excited about Barack, reality hits me and it hits me hard:  He’s a phony.  Not one of his speeches, even his overhyped Democratic Convention speech have never touched me.  He is a phony who has taken advantage of white guilt-ridden America or as Shelby Steele states:

The answer is that one "bargains." Bargaining is a mask that blacks can wear in the American mainstream, one that enables them to put whites at their ease. This mask diffuses the anxiety that goes along with being white in a multiracial society. Bargainers make the subliminal promise to whites not to shame them with America's history of racism, on the condition that they will not hold the bargainer's race against him. And whites love this bargain -- and feel affection for the bargainer -- because it gives them racial innocence in a society where whites live under constant threat of being stigmatized as racist. So the bargainer presents himself as an opportunity for whites to experience racial innocence.

This is how Mr. Obama has turned his blackness into his great political advantage, and also into a kind of personal charisma. Bargainers are conduits of white innocence, and they are as popular as the need for white innocence is strong. Mr. Obama's extraordinary dash to the forefront of American politics is less a measure of the man than of the hunger in white America for racial innocence.

But what happens in the end Shelby?

And yet, in the end, Barack Obama's candidacy is not qualitatively different from Al Sharpton's or Jesse Jackson's. Like these more irascible of his forbearers, Mr. Obama's run at the presidency is based more on the manipulation of white guilt than on substance. Messrs. Sharpton and Jackson were "challengers," not bargainers. They intimidated whites and demanded, in the name of historical justice, that they be brought forward. Mr. Obama flatters whites, grants them racial innocence, and hopes to ascend on the back of their gratitude. Two sides of the same coin.

But bargainers have an Achilles heel. They succeed as conduits of white innocence only as long as they are largely invisible as complex human beings. They hope to become icons that can be identified with rather than seen, and their individual complexity gets in the way of this. So bargainers are always laboring to stay invisible. (We don't know the real politics or convictions of Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan or Oprah Winfrey, bargainers all.) Mr. Obama has said of himself, "I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views . . ." And so, human visibility is Mr. Obama's Achilles heel. If we see the real man, his contradictions and bents of character, he will be ruined as an icon, as a "blank screen."

Shelby nailed it.  In addition, Obama’s reference to the black church being a place to vent against whites is offensive and a flat out lie.  Maybe they do that kind of nonsense at that circus of a church he attends, but in my 30 years on earth of going to black churches I have never heard the kind of hatred coming out of the pulpit.  Can you imagine Bishop T.D. Jakes preaching that nonsense?  The majority of blacks I know go to church to have their spirits lifted and to receive a good word that will keep them through the upcoming week.  Who would go to the House of God to rant against "whitey"?  The audacity of Barack Obama is absolutely mind-boggling.

I have stated from the beginning that Obama was a fraud, an idea put together by the white liberal elite who would rather die than see another Clinton in the White House.  Slowly but surely the layers will be peeled away and Obama will be fully exposed as the complete fraud he is.  My apologies, but the truth is the truth.  What a sad spectacle this has become.

Originally posted to JustinL on Tue Mar 18, 2008 at 03:10 PM PDT.

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