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Our fightin' progressive Gilda Reed finally has a Republican opponent in Louisiana. In the primary last Saturday, State Senator Steve Scalise beat out Tim Burns for the Republican nomination. There are just weeks before the May 3rd special election to fill Bobby Jindal's vacant seat. I thought I'd let you know where Steve Scalise stands on the issues in hopes that it will scare the dollars out of your wallet! We also should be expecting quite a bit of nasty politicking by the Scalise Campaign. During the Republican primary a judge ordered the Scalise Campaign to pull an ad that was full of lies about his Republican opponent. It looks as though we're in for a tough race, and maybe a very unethical one considering the Scalese Campaign tactics.

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Steve Scalise is a staunch conservative. Wants to ban gay marriage. Check. Wants to overturn Roe v. Wade. Check. Endorsed by Club for Growth. Check. Wants to cut taxes. Check. When it comes to the biggest problems facing our country like the Iraq War, I'm not sure where he stands. Like many Republican candidates running for office, the Iraq War is nowhere to be found on his website. On his issues page he has a section called, "Strong National Defense." He mentions protecting America from radical Islamic terrorists but says nothing about the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Any politician who does not even address the two wars we're in, surely does not belong in government.

When it comes to the economy, he's proved that he's another Republican dimwit. Normally I would refrain from name calling, but I'm sick of Republicans pushing tax rebates that will not stimulate the economy or create jobs. On the issue of taxes and the economy, Scalise supports making the Bush tax cuts permanent. He stresses fiscal responsibility, yet he wants to keep cutting taxes for the wealthy. It makes no sense. That's it. His plan to help our nation out of a recession is to cut taxes. Brilliant.

Scalise's stance on the health care crisis is enough reason for every American in Louisiana's first district to vote for Gilda Reed. Here's what he proposes to do:

As our Congressman, Steve Scalise will work to give individuals and families more options to choose affordable healthcare and the ability to transfer that plan between jobs. Rather than Hillary Clinton’s government-run solution financed by a pledge to raise taxes, we should create incentives for the private sector to provide more affordable healthcare.

Incentives for private insurance companies? Is he kidding? Does he actually believe that offering incentives to private insurers is going to solve the current health care crisis? Scalise doesn't even address the problem of pre-existing conditions. Nor does he bring up the problem of high cost of monthly premiums or prescriptions medications. Scalise is yet another Republican politician completely out of touch with reality.

What about Gilda Reed?

When it comes to Iraq Democratic candidate Gilda Reed is advocating for a withdrawal of American forces. Gilda Reed has family members who have served in Iraq, on her website she stresses the importance of doing what's right:

Having loved ones in harm’s way does not give me moral authority to demand an end to the war.  Being a loyal American who can see right from wrong does.

Gilda Reed is a staunch supporter of strengthening the unions and passing the Employee Free Choice Act. Gilda is also an opponent of free trade deals that send American jobs overseas. Here's a snippet from her website:

I support the work of unions.  Labor unions are our first line of defense for worker’s rights. Unions strengthen America’s middle class and are vital to America.  My husband was a union man for many years and served as a union officer.  Neither of us would ever consider crossing a picket line.

In regards to the health care crisis, Gilda knows that we aren't going to solve the problems by giving more money to the private insurers as her opponent believes. Gilda Reed is a 100% behind implementing UHC, so no more innocent Americans die because they can't afford health care coverage. Here's a snippet from her website:

We need universal health care--affordable health care--for every American man, woman and child.  Within 5 years, the ranks of the medically uninsured are expected to swell from 46 million to 56 million Americans.  Private insurance is out of reach at $13,000 a year for a family of 4.  Even our senior citizens on Medicare do not have prescriptions provided and are often faced with the daily dilemma of whether to eat or to take their medicine since they cannot afford both.  This state of affairs is deplorable and must be remedied!  I envision Medicare for all uninsured with benefits that include prescriptions.  Health care for all is a must.  We as a moral people must do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Steve Scalise's campaign wants the people of Lousiana's first district to know that he'll be restoring conservative values to Congress. The problem with his values is that they're completely void of compassion. Scalise wants to give taxpayer money to private insurance companies instead of helping American families with real health care reform. Scalise cut millions in education funding and opposed building a new hospital in New Orleans that would have provided new jobs. Scalise even opposed affordable housing projects. These are the values of Steve Scalise, Gilda Reed otoh, would serve the people of Louisiana honorably. She has the right values to represent her district and the nation. Here's why she is running for Congress:

"I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Louisiana’s 1st Congressional District to make a powerful difference in the quality of life for the working middle class and the poor, to put an end to the War in Iraq, bringing our troops home safely, and to work on environmental issues vital to the health and well being of all of our citizens."

Please consider donating to Gilda, or volunteering for her campaign if you live in the area. Go Gilda!!!

Originally posted to sarahlane on Tue Apr 08, 2008 at 12:45 PM PDT.

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