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Good evening, everyone! In the words of Yankee great, Yogi Berra, I feel like I've got deja vu' all over again. More of "See You in September" as far as Iraq goes - our military, their families, and others who love them, care for them, and respect them can't afford "see you in September"! Our nation can't afford "see you in September"! Iraq can't afford "see you in September"! I know they're just Iraqis, but we are in their country after all, and I don't think they're real wild about that fact. Ugh...OK...onward and upward to tonight's Countdown musings with your great comments, of course!

#5 "The War Report" – I feel like I should add "Part Deux" to that segment title. And, the classy timing of the awarding of the Medal of Honor to the Navy SEAL’s family was just...well...classy! How can General Petraeus look at himself in the mirror? Can a lame duck President grant so many favors or make so many promises that will make General Petraeus be able to live with himself after allowing himself to be a puppet for arguably the worst President in history?! Ambassador Crocker looks terrible. And, we have more "executive agreements" to which to look forward? Yippee! Oh goody! Here’s Senator Biden!! Go Joe!! But, Keith, I don’t think you showed the best of the best of Senator Biden today! And, here’s "the other Joe" – as in Liebermann. How would you like to be a fly on the wall of that backroom before and after today’s hearings? Lt. General William Odom smacks down the media’s coverage of Iraq! It doesn’t sound like this general suffers fools easily. Another comparison to the Nixon administration should make GWB’s stomach turn, but that would demonstrate shame; GWB has no shame.

#4 "Heads of Statements" – Will FAUX News say Senator McCain had another "senior moment"? And, it sounds like neither Senators Clinton nor Obama passed the "Commander in Chief Threshold Test" with flying colors today. Man, Richard Wolffe is dreamy – OOPS! Sorry! Steady, chick...steady. We’ve got 3 presidential candidates on the Armed Services Committee. Is this "membership" going to be a prerequisite for future presidential nominees?

BUSHED! "Waiver-Gate" So much for only letting in "the best of the best"; I guess beggers can't be choosers. "Supporting the Troops-Gate"  A whopping 1 out of 11 troops said he was supporting Senator McCain so he’d keep getting a paycheck. I don’t know whether to be angry or feel sorry for him. "Why is the Administration Siding with the Terrorists-Gate" How ‘bout Senator McConnell’s words today! Hmmm...someone vaguely resembling, oh, ME, made almost the exact same statement on DailyKos today that Keith did tonight about the "good Senator" from Kentucky! Should I demand "royalties"?! Just kidding!

**How sharp are those stiletto heels that models wear?! Someone somewhere better build a better catwalk! Awww...Senator Vitter had a little fender-bender today! I wonder if any of the DC Madaam’s uh... employees ever made a similar comment about the "good Senator’s" "fender-bender"?!**

#3 "Race, Re-Introduced" I found what David Bellavia had to say about Senator McCain being the real "audacity of hope" much more icky than comparing him to Tiger Woods. Am I missing something here? Should the Tiger Woods comparison upset me more? What if Mr. Bellavia had said "Willie Horton" instead of "Tiger Woods"? Really, I don’t get it. Someone kindly set me straight! I think what Bill Cunningham said and what Senator McCain didn’t do is way, way, WAY worse!

WPITW – Augh! CoulterGeist "She’s a Man, Baby!" is comparing Senator Obama’s book to Mein Kampf. Well...what a shocker there. Now, I’ve read Mein Kampf; I would hope that Senator Obama’s book is way better than that little slice of insane ramblings! OK, to all those who say Keith doesn’t rag on the Dems, how ‘bout that State Rep. Monique Davis? Wow! Her little fit happened "right next door" to me! And, CoulterGeist says the Dems are godless!

#1 "The Reel Bush" – I say again NO ONE WILL GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Why would you pay good hard-earned coin to see something that we will all be fortunate to live through "for free"?! Oh good grief...calling Dr. Freud on that whole "daddy" stuff?! Who’s going to play DICK Cheney in this little snuff film? I’ll take ideas from y’all! James Moore used GWB and Napoleon Dynamite in the same sentence! BOO!!! I guarantee that Napoleon Dynamite is a way better dancer! If you haven’t seen Napoleon Dynamite, SEE IT!

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Tue Apr 08, 2008 at 06:53 PM PDT.

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