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The mayor released the following statement:

There are a lot of reasons that Americans are angry about Washington politics. And one more example is the way Senator Obama’s opponents are playing guilt-by-association, tarring him because he happens to know Bill Ayers.

I also know Bill Ayers. He worked with me in shaping our now nationally-renowned school reform program. He is a nationally-recognized distinguished professor of education at the University of Illinois/Chicago and a valued member of the Chicago community.

I don’t condone what he did 40 years ago but I remember that period well. It was a difficult time, but those days are long over. I believe we have too many challenges in Chicago and our country to keep re-fighting 40 year old battles.

What more to add other than, perhaps, contacting Charlie, Steph, and Hillary and ... well, why bother ... just dust it off and move forward as our next President did today in NC ...

Originally posted to understandinglife on Thu Apr 17, 2008 at 02:12 PM PDT.

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