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There are differences between Obama and Clinton that are significant.  And we should be pointing these out.

He opposed war, she was willing to support.

He opposed Kyl-Lieberman, she voted for

He tried to ban cluster bombs, she opposed the effort

He was unwilling to let interest rates got to 30%, she was

His focus is affordability of health insurance, hers is to mandate, with punitive sanctions if you don't sign up

He is willing to protect Israel, she is willing to protect the whole Middle East

I have some additional thoughts, just a few -

He doesn't think it appropriate to imply his Democratic opponent is unqualified for the office, she does.

He doesn't want to change the rules for getting the nomination after the race has begun, she is desperate to.

He has demonstrated that he can run a nation-wide campaign, she has not.

He has proven he can expand the Democratic side of the electorate, she hasn't - and she might well expand the Republican side.

He has proven he has the judgment to select appropriate people and run a campaign enterprise that will approach a quarter billion dollars, her campaign is in debt and in shambles.

He is trying to inspire us and appeal to the best in us, she is trying to scare us.

He thinks he hs to earn our vote and our trust, she thinks she is entitled.

The choice is clear.  And the pundits are wrong.  These two candidates are very different, on many key policies, and certainly on their politics.

And there is one other key difference.

He has in this campaign proven his competence.   I'll let you finish the thought.


Originally posted to teacherken on Mon Apr 21, 2008 at 12:15 PM PDT.

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